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Introducing the Success Schools blog. Here you will find useful tips and tricks you can implement to get the most out of Compass.

Attendance % Placeholders in Chronicle

Are you aware of the new Attendance percentage placeholders in Chronicle?

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NCCD Reporting with Chronicle

Did you know you can record NCCD data directly in Compass using the Chronicle module? You can then export information recorded in your NCCD Chronicle Templates for reporting purposes.

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Partnered with K-12 schools across Australia

After a decade of partnering with schools we’ve got top marks for our school management system.
“Compass has been profoundly transformative in the way we manage and communicate around critical issues and processes like student wellbeing and parent communications, and the ways in which we shape student culture”
Christopher Hill
Associate Principal, Shenton College WA
“Compass is absolutely central to how our school operates, it’s hard to remember what things were like before it.”
Neil Scott
Principal, St Kilda Park Primary School
“Introducing Compass has been overwhelmingly positive in helping us streamline our student record keeping, taking us to that next level as a school.”
Lisa Wilson
Principal, River Nile School

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