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Be at the forefront of education technology by supporting schools to make a difference.

Do more than you ever imagined.

Our Company Values

Amazing Work

We pride ourselves on being specialists in our respective disciplines. Excellence is our way of doing business. We value unusual ways of solving problems, and we love crazy ideas. We design our software to be intuitive and we work to carefully understand the customer’s problem.

Be Pragmatic

We ensure that the things we work on first, are the things that deliver the greatest value to our company and our customers. Our approach is urgent, resourceful, and creative. We keep things straightforward and reliable, and we get things done.

Have Integrity

We are honest and upfront in our dealings with colleagues and clients. We acknowledge the voice, ideas, output, and potential of every person on the team. We are lifelong learners. We know there are always opportunities to improve.

Take Responsibility

We own our work and our deadlines. We openly acknowledge our mistakes and respect others when they do the same.

Help Each Other

We work hard to help everyone to learn, deliver, and excel. We do 360-degree feedback. We are open to receiving it, and we are thoughtful when we give it to others. We try to make our work environment fun, challenging, and creative.

At Compass, we see success through the eyes of our schools. We’re proud to partner with schools to develop leading edge technology to support learning outcomes.

If this resonates with you, click below to join our team of world class developers, educators and thinkers to help enhance the way that schools use technology.