Client Support Officer Position


We are looking for someone to help us develop the next generation of school software solutions - someone who is skilled at exceptional support to our clients. Working alongside a young and passionate team you will be providing solutions and support to our clients through a variety of mediums. You will need excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to present yourself in a tidy and professional manner.

Key Responsibilities
  • Advise – Provide both operational and strategic feedback to our clients.
  • Support – Support new clients through their implementation process.
  • Communicate – Provide solutions through a variety of mediums.
  • Adapt – To a range of challenges.
  • Contribute – Help improve the Compass family.
What we’re looking for

Most companies would put a big spiel here about how you must have X years’ experience or some kind of qualification from a top tier university, at Compass Education we are very different to this.
We are after people who have a passion for creativity and problem solving. Our clients are constantly giving us new challenges to work through and resolve so excellent customer service skills are a must.

Applying for this role
  • Applications/Enquiries:
  • In addition to your resume, specifically address (dot points is fine) how you meet our requirements (listed under “What we’re looking for…”   section)