Our Values

Remember how important values were for your school? It’s the same at Compass. Our values guide how and why we work.


Revolutionise the education industry.

We’re here to improve processes for school communities by developing an innovative technology ecosystem that revolutionises the education industry to deliver every child a great school experience.

Our Values

Made for Schools, Parents, & Students, Compass is enean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Here's just a few...
Work to WOW!

We are dynamic, enthusiastic, and motivated; we aspire to provide the best solutions in our field.

Do it yesterday.

We stand out because we focus on service, because our work is centred on schools. Doing it yesterday means never letting limitations get in the way.

Conquer the impossible.

Don’t set limits. Don’t settle for second best. If we embrace change, we can achieve the impossible.

Be the school.

Teachers and students, principals and admin staff, parents and guardians: school communities make Compass. Keeping their needs front of mind ensures we do our best work.