Communications & consent

Whatever the size of your school community, there are always challenges to address. Ensuring important messages are actioned can be particularly difficult. Not when you’ve partnered with Compass.

Stay in control of school communications

Traditional methods of getting key information out to parents and carers aren’t always reliable, efficient or cost-effective - how often do school newsletters get lost at the bottom of a bag? We’ve developed a communication structure to ensure your message is never missed.

Get your message out, easily

School bus running late this morning? Send out a bulk SMS message to families in seconds. Whether it is the whole school, or just one class, our platform enables you to get the right information to the right people.

    Flexibility and simplicity

    Different messages require different mediums. So, we’ve made sure you have plenty of choice. You might opt for an SMS for a quick blast of information. Maybe you want to share a detailed story, opt for an email. Need to alert a parent fast? How about a personalised push notification? It’s all there and ready to make your work day stressfree.

      Be seen and heard

      Whether announcing that big win over your school's rival, or highlighting the achievements of individual students, our newsfeed can replace the traditional newsletter. Choose your target audience, write your prose and release your message in to the wild.

        Keep parents informed and students safe

        From excursions to camps, and any special activities in between – simplify the process of organising and gathering electronic consent with Compass.

        Consent and approval through the app

        Still on the hunt for that one missing permission slip? Having trouble with payments? Simply use Events to create a school excursion and receive payments and consent from parents and carers through the app or portal.

          Keep carers informed

          Parents and carers need as much information as possible before they can give consent. Remind them about important dates and other important information via Newsfeed or with on-demand event resources.

            Simplify compliance and records

            Keeping on top of school policies, risk management, and record keeping are all part and parcel of any school consent form. Ensure you remain compliant and have everything in one centralised location with Compass Events.

              “From the school’s perspective, the support and advice have been of a very high standard with the CompassPay team members... Once our templates were loaded there were quick steps to duplicate and adjust the information for each year level as required. The upload was smooth and easy to do, just a press of a button and the whole school community could see the information that related to their students.”
              Sharon Graham
              Business Manager, Wellington Secondary College

              A personalised hub that keeps everybody in the know

              Looking to streamline all of your school communications into one space? The Compass Newsfeed provides efficient communication with your school community through a centralised space for announcements.

              Interactive updates and news

              Need to share some extra information with staff, parents or carers? Simply add any relevant attachments or links to your school newsletter and allow others to quickly access the document you want to share.

                Personalise each newsfeed

                There’s always a lot going on in every school room at any given moment. So, it figures then, that not everybody needs the same news, right? Compass Newsfeed takes care of this, allowing you to target certain cohorts in your school community and personalise each person’s feed to their specific needs.

                  Dynamic notifications

                  Got something important coming up in the schedule? Only need to remind a few people of an event? Use Compass Newsfeed to set up dynamic notification options and ensure your community is alerted to important information.

                    Partnered with K-12 schools across Australia

                    After a decade of partnering with schools we’ve got top marks for our school management system.
                    “Compass has been profoundly transformative in the way we manage and communicate around critical issues and processes like student wellbeing and parent communications, and the ways in which we shape student culture”
                    Christopher Hill
                    Associate Principal, Shenton College WA
                    “Compass is absolutely central to how our school operates, it’s hard to remember what things were like before it.”
                    Neil Scott
                    Principal, St Kilda Park Primary School
                    “Introducing Compass has been overwhelmingly positive in helping us streamline our student record keeping, taking us to that next level as a school.”
                    Lisa Wilson
                    Principal, River Nile School

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