Compass Pulse

Designed to make viewing your school's data relating to attendance, wellbeing and academic performance accessible and intuitive, Pulse will enhance your capacity to use Compass to make insight-driven decisions for your community.

Keep your finger on the Pulse when it comes to your data

Using data to inform practice when it comes to attendance, wellbeing and academic performance hasn't always been easy. We thought it was time to change that.

Get straight to the heart of the matter

When it comes to your student’s attendance and wellbeing, having a clear picture is integral to unlocking key insights. But crunching all that data can be time-consuming and tricky, getting in the way of your ability to make timely decisions and drive improvements. We’ve built Compass Pulse to change that, integrating with existing Compass modules to give your data a user-friendly face, leaving you confident that you have all the facts.

    See it your way

    Pulling across your school community’s attendance and wellbeing data into streamlined dashboards, Compass Pulse provides you with unlimited options for visualising this vital information. Start with your whole school, or gain deeper insights from year groups, classes, home groups and houses; go multi-dimensional, with year-on-year analysis; choose from a library of widgets to build as many dashboards as you need. It’s all in there.

      Build beautiful reports

      Don’t just leave your data in your dashboards: download your widgets to display your findings in presentations or updates, making insights readily presentable and accessible to all.

        Simplify behaviour reporting

        Think of our wellbeing monitoring function as a digital post-it note system, making the tracking of individual student behaviour and wellbeing one of the easiest parts of your day.

        Observations for all occasions

        Whether Olivia is excelling in class or Jayden has been late to lessons, there is a lot you will need to report on a day-to-day basis. Our broad range of options makes it easy to report on progress, behaviours and attitudes across a student’s time at school.

        Take score of student behaviour

        Take advantage of our ready-made templates to help keep consistent reports across the board for your students. Our positive and negative point system has been designed to help you keep track of student success, or indicate the need for improvement.

          You can keep it confidential

          There will always be times you need to record sensitive information. If what you’re recording is confidential, and never intended for the eyes of students or parents, we’ve made sure you can keep it behind closed doors.

            Take the pain out of sickbay

            Putting the aid in first aid: managing your school’s sickbay is simplified with our easy check-in and check-out system. From reporting the details to printing a sick note, we’ll make your school’s sickbay process pain-free, allowing staff to focus on providing much-needed care.

            Select symptoms in seconds

            Writing up a report takes away time that could be spent looking after them. Compass allows you to select their symptoms, note the severity, report on the treatment and make any additional comments, allowing you to complete a sickbay report in seconds.

              Keep parents and carers informed

              Fewer emergency calls makes it easier for everyone to focus on welfare: minimise the concern of parents or carers by automatically informing them when their child is checked into (or out of) the sickbay.

                Make sure attendance is covered

                Don’t leave his teacher wondering why Tommy hasn’t turned up to English: automatically create an attendance note for a student during their time in sickbay, or if they depart the school after their visit.