CompassConnect is a chat feature built into the Compass portal and app, allowing users to manage all school communications in one place.

Staff can quickly and easily chat with and send files to other staff members and (if enabled for your school) parents and students, too!

Learn more about the benefits of Connect for your school below.

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How does Connect work?

Schools will have the option to enable Connect for different user groups: staff, parents and/or students. 

Users will be able to access Connect in the Compass portal by clicking on the speech bubble icon in the navigation bar.

 If using the app, users can either click into the hamburger menu on the left hand side (staff) or the speech bubble icon in the horizontal navigation bar (students and parents). 

Once in the Connect module, users will be able to send and react to messages, as well as send images and files. 

For any out of hours communications, a banner will appear to alert the sender that their message may not get read or receive a reply as it was sent after school hours. 

For more information on permissions, user groups, notifications and how to access Connect in the app or portal, read this guide!


For schools that opt to turn on Connect for parents, please feel free to share this guide with your parent/carer community.


Terms and Conditions

To give you the opportunity to test the module out and see first hand how it can benefit your school community, Connect is currently being offered to all schools for free, until the end of Term 1, 2023. After this free trial period, the Connect module will incur a fee of $3 per student (minimum $500).

If your school has Connect enabled during the free trial, an automatic roll-over to the paid module structure mentioned above will occur after this date.

How to enable CompassConnect for your school

If you are interested in turning Connect on for your school, please fill in this form to opt-in. Once you accept the quote, the feature will be turned on for your school in 24-48 hours. 

Please note: by submitting this form and choosing to opt-in to the free CompassConnect trial, you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions please reach out to our Accounts team at: