Management & Reporting

Every child deserves a great education. That’s why we’re invested in maximising every step of a student’s journey. From customisable student reports to comprehensive performance analysis, Compass simplifies your school’s tricky processes creating a fully inclusive management and reporting system.

Reporting all year round

Students never stop learning, so why limit reports to twice a year? Our reporting options are pretty nifty (if we do say so ourselves): year-round, customisable and trouble-free.

Created in seconds

Cut hours from your semester report writing process with our auto-saving results table, comprehensive reviewing program, and options to toggle student, staff and parent visibility for publication.

    The perfect check-in

    Progress reports provide parents and carers with the perfect picture of how their child is getting along at any point throughout the year. Notifying parents of published reports is a breeze with report notifications, including email and push notification options.

      Report your way

      From selecting what scale students are graded on, to the order in which their subjects display on the published report, reports are customisable to ensure you can display vital information just as teachers need to.

        Hassle-free budgets

        Make your business manager’s life easier. Simple budget planning, purchase order submissions and cost tracking. Compass offers behind-the-scenes ease to help keep your school running smoothly.

        In-depth spending review

        Create groups and sub-groups to divide income and expenditure precisely. View, edit and approve budget proposals, then download comprehensive budget reports to analyse your spending.

          See spending in real-time

          Always have an eye on where the money is being spent. Stay on top of the submission of purchase orders with real-time updates and notifications.

            Organised purchase order submissions

            Staff have the option to create, edit, save, and submit purchase orders with an in-built two-step approval process, including final approval by your school’s business manager.

              Analyse more than money

              Dive deep into the analysis of student performance and visualise progress at the click of a button with our extensive array of graphs and tables.

              Integrate the important stuff

              Entering the same data multiple times can get tiresome, especially with so many other things to focus on. Compass allows you to import and integrate key standardised test and assessment results, such as NAPLAN, into one handy, connected area.

                Available just like that

                No more rifling through dusty filing cabinets. It only takes the click of a few buttons for staff and students to find and compare test results, with easy access via multiple pathways within Compass.

                  Use evidence to drive results

                  Check whether Siena is struggling and needs some extra help, or Hunter is just on track to get his predicted results. Develop the best strategies to help students grow by analysing performance by class, form group, and year level.

                    Delivering school management solutions to schools across Australia

                    Made for Schools, Parents, & Students, Compass is enean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Here's just a few...
                    Compass modules to support your school ecosystem
                    Students, staff and parents in the Compass community.
                    Communications sent per year by schools powered by Compass.

                    Partnered with K-12 schools across Australia

                    After a decade of partnering with schools we’ve got top marks for our school management system.
                    “Compass has been profoundly transformative in the way we manage and communicate around critical issues and processes like student wellbeing and parent communications, and the ways in which we shape student culture”
                    Christopher Hill
                    Associate Principal, Shenton College WA
                    “Compass is absolutely central to how our school operates, it’s hard to remember what things were like before it.”
                    Neil Scott
                    Principal, St Kilda Park Primary School
                    “The longer we use Compass, we are finding new and innovative ways to enhance our communication between the College, and parents, students and staff.”
                    Kiah Lanham
                    Acting Principal, Murrumba State Secondary College
                    “Introducing Compass has been overwhelmingly positive in helping us streamline our student record keeping, taking us to that next level as a school.”
                    Lisa Wilson
                    Principal, River Nile School

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