Full Stack Developer Position


We are searching for high quality software developers to join the team. The role would be most appropriate to people with excellent fundamental programming skills (i.e. not someone who's got only a VB.NET or VB6 background, but rather someone strongly on the Javascript/C/C#/Java/C++ side of the fence).
We are primarily an ASP.NET environment, but if you've not dealt with ASP.NET/WebForms specifically - don't worry. We're more interested in your core programming, web experience and program solving skills rather than any specific API knowledge.

Key Responsibilities
  • Create - Work with a team of talented developers and designers to build beautiful user experiences using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ASP.NET, on our flagship product, Compass
  • Invent - Prototype new features and designs, then build, test and ship them in our products.
  • Improve - Work to increase the modularity and quality of our architecture, reducing duplication and improving developer efficiency. Analyse and improve app performance.
  • Learn - Work with, and drive the implementation of new technologies which help us build great products.
  • Contribute - Autonomously develop ideas for new features and identify areas for improvement. Suggest solutions that are unique, brilliant, and sometimes controversial
The ideal candidate will have experience with
  • All of the following: JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 (very high level)
  • One or more of: C++, C#, Java, Ruby (very high level)
  • One or more of: Git, Subversion, TFS (high level)
  • One or more of: SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis
  • One or more of: Front-end frameworks like ExtJS, Angular, GWT, Ember, Backbone etc
Applying for this role
  • Applications/Enquiries: jobs@compass.edu.au
  • In addition to your resume, specifically address (dot points is fine) how you meet our technical requirements (listed under “The ideal candidate will have…”   section)