Momentum ESR
in partnership with
Compass Education

This year a range of fantastic new Compass Education tools will be made available to your school.

A message from Co-Founder, Aaron Hughes

Thank you, for your ongoing support. I am excited to be able to share with you the news that Momentum Cloud will be joining the Compass Education team.

It has been a successful and enjoyable 18 years providing Momentum ESR independently,  however the time is right to partner with a business who shares our passion and vision for supporting NSW schools, and who can further unlock our capacity to provide your school with a comprehensive, connected school management platform.

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What it means for your school

Our experienced Sydney-based team will continue to deliver our renowned localised support to your school, complemented by a further 160+ strong Australian based team.

This year, a range of fantastic new Compass tools will be made available as options for your school. These tools will be made available as seamless, integrated modules within your Momentum ESR account. For schools not requiring any additional functionality you can continue to use Momentum ESR as you always have, with no change.

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What happens next?

The first modules to be made available will be those tools which have been nominated as the highest priority by schools using Momentum ESR;

  • Parent communication via SMS, email, iPhone & Android Apps, and a fully-featured parent portal.
  • Visitor management kiosks & services.
  • Parent-teacher interview management.
  • End-to-end student information management and reporting solutions.

We will be contacting you to arrange remote presentation of the new functionality available to you in the weeks ahead.

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As Momentum ESR will now fall under the Compass Education umbrella, your next invoice will be provided directly from Compass.

At that point of time your service contract will be supported through the terms and conditions and privacy policies of Compass Education. For your peace of mind we have ensured that your new terms and conditions are the equivalent to or superior to your current terms and conditions.

You will be supported by the same NSW-based team and will be able to continue to use the same ESR platform unchanged.  You will also have the option to purchase the additional functionality, as it is made available.

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Your data is protected

Both Momentum ESR and Compass are NSW Department of Education approved Third Party Data Integrated (3PI) Vendors.

Compass in addition to meeting DoE data privacy and protection standards, are also PCI/DSS Level 1 data security standard, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant, raising the level of your existing protection.

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Next Steps

I’m excited to be joining Compass, and I truly believe it will help us deliver  a range of new features to your school.

If you have any questions at all during, please get in touch via or (02) 8208 6000.

Aaron Hughes,
Co-Founder Momentum ESR

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