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2023 HeadStart Program

Compass Team

Welcome to Term 4!

It’s time to start organising your HeadStart program for 2023.

You may choose to run a HeadStart program towards the end of Term 4 to introduce students into their classes for 2023, or give them a set time frame (2-3 weeks) to trial their upcoming classes.

You will need to consider:
  • Will all of your students be participating in a HeadStart program?
  • Will all of your students undertake HeadStart at the same time or is the rollout staggered by Year Level?
  • Will your HeadStart curriculum continue into the 2023 Academic Year or will your subjects and classes be different?
  • Will classes be running per term, per semester or all year?

Register here for our upcoming HeadStart Webinar on Wednesday the 19th of October at 3:30PM. Our client consultant Nour will run you through the process, as well as share some tips to make it as smooth as possible.

To book a HeadStart session with our Support team, please do so using this form. Our timetabling support team will then arrange a booking with you if necessary, or provide you with the tailored tools you need to set up your HeadStart.

To ensure that our Support Team can help you in the best way possible, please get in contact at least a week prior to the start of your HeadStart program as this process takes time to complete. Please note that it may not be possible to set up HeadStart in time if this is left too late. Get ahead of the curve with your planning and secure a booking to get ready for your 2022 HeadStart program!


HeadStart Guide - Continuous
Students will begin their 2023 curriculum within the last weeks of 2022, essentially you’ll just be beginning your 2023 Academic Year early. This type of HeadStart program allows classes, attendance data and learning tasks to continue into the 2023 year.

HeadStart Guide - Isolated

Your subjects and classes will not be linked from HeadStart to 2023, once HeadStart has been completed the special Academic Year will be hidden and the year will start from Term One. Attendance & Learning Tasks for these classes will be hidden.

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