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Update: Additional Filters for Not Present/Late Letters

Compass Team

All Jurisdictions

You can now generate Not Present/Late Unexplained letters by using the additional attendance filters to generate letters for students who have Whole Day Absences and Whole Day Consecutive Day Absences between a specified threshold range. 

  1. Click on the Organisation menu
  2. Click on Attendance
  3. On the Dashboard tab, go to the Reports and Exports section
  4. Under Letters, click on ‘Not Present/Late Letters
  5. Select the letter type ‘Whole Day Absences’
  6. Tick the ‘Days Threshold’ checkbox
  7. Set the ‘Threshold range’
  8. Tick the ‘Create Chronicle Entries’ 
  9. Select the Letter Template from the dropdown list
  10. Click on ‘Create Letters’

If you have any follow up questions, please get in touch with our support team!

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