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Compass Events Marketplace

Compass Team

Introducing ‘Marketplace’ - a new feature in your Compass portal! 

We have received feedback from schools that a lot of time and effort can be spent researching events and programs that link to curriculum requirements. In addition, knock-on effects from COVID are in some cases creating significant staff shortage levels (up to 15-20% less staff), making it more challenging for schools to manage teacher coverage for classes. 

Marketplace has been set up in an effort to support schools by facilitating the sharing of information on potential programs or events in one place. 

Under the ‘Events’ module, you will now find a tab called ‘Marketplace’. Here, you can view a range of school programs - incursions and excursions - offered by our partner organisations. There are hour-long, half-day, full day and multiple day programs available for Primary and Secondary students, from Foundation through to Year 12. 

Programs are linked to the Victorian Curriculum and cover a range of learning areas, from critical and creative thinking to economics and business, design and technologies, financial literacy and more!

If you access Marketplace from the ‘Organisation’ menu (grid icon), you will find a general Marketplace that also displays other programs or learning tools that are not necessarily linked to events. For example, currently listed is a range of learning modules offered by the Careers Department. 

Please note that as it currently stands, these learning modules are for Primary schools only. If programs currently featured on Marketplace are not fit for your school, please stay tuned while we continue to gather more information and grow this list. 

These learning modules have been designed to support Primary school students in exploring and understanding career and study pathways. As part of the Compass community, you will receive complimentary access to 8 interactive modules (marked with an ‘Included with Compass’ tag). Primary schools will also be able to enquire about the opportunity to access 25+ additional modules. Students can begin their journey into the topics of data, digital design, entrepreneurship, journalism and more!

Please note: the Compass Marketplace is intended solely to gather and facilitate the sharing of this information in one centralised place. Any enquiries that you submit will be sent directly to the partner organisation and will not be managed by Compass.

This is the first time that we are testing out an idea of this kind, so we welcome any feedback you may have and thank you for your patience while we gradually continue to build upon this list of events, programs and resources for you! 

Have a lovely day,

The Compass Team

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