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Compass Product Update: October 2020

Compass Team

Learning Task Categories

With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in hundreds of thousands of Australian teachers and students using Compass for remote teaching and learning, we’ve spent much of 2020 adapting our Learning Tasks module to ensure it meets the needs of all school communities. Changes have included the ability to hide tasks from your default view and automatic class enrolments, and this month we are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of a categorisation function to make tasks easier for teachers, students and parents easier to filter.

This update will allow teachers to assign tasks into one of five categories (‘Assessment’, ‘Assignment’, ‘General’, ‘Homework’, ‘Practice Task’); in turn, staff, parents and students can filter their list of tasks via the category that has been assigned.

While schools have returned to classroom-based teaching and learning, we believe that the introduction of categories to the Learning Tasks module will allow school communities to further benefit from the use of Learning Tasks as a tool for homework, practice activities, assignments and more beyond the school gates.

With five colour-coded categories added to Learning Tasks, activities should never go unnoticed by those who need to see them.

Compass Meetings

After an extended testing and trial period with schools in Queensland, we are excited to announce we will be releasing our Meetings module for all Compass schools shortly.

We know staff in schools have struggled to account for student whereabouts when they were in a meeting with another member of staff, often having to create both a Chronicle entry and a School Activity to register both the wellbeing aspect of the meeting and to account for the student’s attendance.

Meetings will allow you to choose from a range of custom meeting templates to create an entry to explain why a student isn't in their regular class, while simultaneously updating the student’s attendance data. This dual functionality also means that Compass automatically detects the set meeting start time and records the student as ‘present’ in the meeting; once the meeting is finished and the student has returned to their class, the staff member can update the meeting finish time to update the student’s attendance data accordingly.

If you have the correct permissions you will be able to find Meetings on the dashboard page of Chronicle, underneath Sickbay Entries. If you would like more information please search "Chronicle Meetings" in the search bar at the top of your Compass portal to read more on our Knowledge Base article.

Pulse Widget Update

After our launch of Pulse last month, we are excited to put the spotlight on three new Pulse widgets released this month. In particular, these are focused on Learning Tasks data.

If you would like to find out more about Pulse, a data visualisation and insights tool, read our deep dive into the process of designing and building it with Cathy Elliot-Jones, General Manager of Data and Analytics at Compass.

Result average by student in selected grouping

This new widget provides schools with a column graph to compare the average results of students based on the following cohorts - Form Group, Year Level, or Student house.

Number of overdue/late learning tasks watchlist

Learn which students have a concerning amount of overdue/late tasks with this new table-based widget which can be filtered by year level, form group, house, and more.

Number of overdue/late learning tasks by month

Similar to the widget above, this stacked column chart shows the total number of overdue/late Learning Task submissions in selected status over a specified date range with customizable filters by late submission, pending, on time or overdue.

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