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Compass Update - July 2019

Compass Team

Compass Update - July 2019

The following newsletter was sent to Compass users on Wednesday July 24th 2019. This version has been edited where necessary to ensure relevance for a more general audience, both customers and non-customers. The purpose of our monthly newsletter is to keep members of the Compass community updated about the work that has taken place at Compass HQ - and now in a number of new offices - over the past month.

We’re over halfway through the year and things continue to pick up at Compass: this month has seen many new members of staff, office openings across Australia, big product releases and a calendar packed events and conferences. With so much going on, it’s more important than ever that we keep you informed about the changes taking place here - after all, they are designed to benefit you.

Our new office openings are a good example. Two new offices - in Wagga Wagga and Brisbane, with others following shortly. These offices are focused around providing expanded and localised support capabilities and ensuring a higher degree of dedicated contact for Compass schools beyond Victoria. Similarly, upcoming stalls at conferences in Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia will give Compass users in these states the chance to meet with local representatives and product experts.

It’s not all change, however: we also want to make sure that you’re aware of things that Compass has always been doing but perhaps hasn’t made clear enough. Training is a good example of this, as you’ll see below.

As always, we encourage you to get in touch with us with any thoughts, feedback or concerns.

Compass Upskilling

Training is an essential aspect of empowering members of your school community to use Compass to its fullest extent, yet we have realised that many customers aren’t fully aware of quite how extensive and ongoing our training offerings are. Training isn’t reserved for new Compass users, instead our team is available for a range of upskilling sessions, shaped to your school’s particular needs.

To arrange upskilling or training with a Compass product expert, send an email to our dedicated training team at A product expert will respond to your request with more information, including costs if they apply.

Members of the Compass training team are also developing a range of options to allow you to record a personalised set of resource videos to complement our existing webinars, making Compass training even more accessible.

Compass Catch-ups


As part of our commitment to increasing the level of communication customers receive from Compass, we have organised a series of Compass Catch-ups to take place at the end of July and the beginning of August. These events will consist of two forty-five minute sessions, the first involving a general update and presentation from CEO John de la Motte, and the second providing an opportunity to speak to our product experts and provide valuable feedback about Compass.

Please note that while this run of events is taking place throughout Victoria, we are currently planning a series of similar sessions in other regions and states and are taking expressions of interest to host Compass Catch-ups later in the year. Please contact if you would like to host a similar event in the future.

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