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Continuum Updates

Compass Team

Over the T1 school holidays, we will be rolling out an update to Continuum which will change the way it is displayed for your students and parents.

In the Continuum tab (under Analytics) in a student record, the colours of headings will now more accurately reflect the students’ results.

The green bar will now only display when all descriptors in a folder have been completed (indicated by a green tick). If any descriptors are still in progress or have yet to be started, the headings will display in orange. A grey heading will apply if all descriptors in the folder have yet to be started. 

In addition, we have also updated the fractional total to be consistent with the staff view when entering results from a class page. Partial progress (indicated by a blue arrow) will now be assigned a .5 value. For example, a folder that has three descriptors will only show 3/3 when all are complete. If one descriptor is only partially complete, the result will display as 2.5/3.

We hope this change brings about a higher level of transparency for parents and students when viewing results from this tab. 

Please feel free to share this link with your carers and parents so that they are across this update. 

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