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Back to School!

Back to School!

To our new schools, the big day has arrived!

You’ve completed initial training, your portal is ready to go now it’s time to Go Live with Compass.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be on hand to support you closely. Our training team will provide you with all the training materials you’ll need, and you’ll have access to Compass Academy, our home of training modules, videos and other useful content.

To our returning schools, welcome back - please let us know how we can assist and support.

Need some quick reminders? Check out these quick links below.

Marking the roll

Marking the roll is the most important thing your school can do to make sure you get off to a good start.

Watch Video


Do you still need to rollover? Follow the step in our Compass Academy Rollover Course.

Watch Video

Student free day

Maybe you’re starting the year with a student free day, here’s a quick guide on how to achieve this in Compass.

Quick Guide

Generating Parent Logins

Send your parents their login via emails.

Quick Guide

Attendance SMS

Have you set up your attendance notification automatic SMS?

Quick Guide

Helping Parents Login

Share this how-to login to Compass via the app with parents to get them started on their first day.

Quick Guide

Ready for more training or feeling a little overwhelmed? We want to help.

Compass has a range of training options available to suit your needs, with a dedicated training team to support you. Fill out this form and someone from your local training team will be in touch asap. Alternatively email and we’ll arrange a time to catch up.

Call Support on  (03) 9005 5217 or Email Don’t forget our local support team is available to you five days a week, from 7am to 2am AEST.

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