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Feature Update: New Display Settings for Class News Feeds

Class News Feed Feature Update

We are always looking to see where we can give schools greater control of their communication with parents and students. Our Customer Love team has added a new setting to show or hide the display of the Class News Feed, this latest update allows schools to manage which classes have the Class NewsFeed feature available, with the ability to apply this in bulk or to specific classes.

This setting can be controlled in bulk for all classes through Subject and Classes > Settings> Show Class News Feed on Class Pages, this setting will be available to users with SubjectsAdmin permission. Additionally, this can be managed on a class-by-class basis (if not already disabled in bulk) from the class page, this setting will be available to users with ClassesAdmin permission.

Please note that this setting can be managed for either class level or all subjects. If this is updated on the class level the updated class will no longer be effected by Show Class News Feed on Class Pages in Subjects and Classes.

We hope this new update enables you to mould Compass to better suit your school's communication needs.

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