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Five incredible integrations with Compass ID cards you might have missed

Compass ID cards can open a world of integration in your school community

More than a simple ID card

As you prepare for the next school year you might be starting to think about new ways to streamline your school’s processes while ensuring everything is kept in one place. Here at Compass we have many solutions for simplifying your school’s complexity - but one of the most overlooked are our Compass ID cards.

More than a simple ID card, our smart cards utilise MIFARE, magstripe and barcode technologies to offer the highest range of integration with Compass modules and external services, for processes including printing, borrowing library books and locker management.

While the options are almost endless, Compass ID cards can be customised to meet the needs of each and every school, so you can choose the features you’d like included.

We’ve put together a list of five of the most popular Compass ID card integrations that you might not know about.

1. Turn your ID cards into public transport concession cards

Did you know our ID cards are a valid form of proof of entitlement, allowing students to access concession fares? Bringing together your Compass ID cards with public transport concession cards can save time and money for students and parents, and it means students only require one card (one less to go missing!). In Victoria, schools are able to sign an agreement with PTV, and Compass will organise the PTV logo to be printed on the card’s design.

Top Tip: Schools in South Australia can request public transport logos without individual approval, as Compass has an agreement for all Compass schools in the state.

Taking public transport to school has never been easier - and not just in Victoria!

2. Tap in and out with a CompassKiosk

Compass ID cards are the key to unlocking the most functionality from your school Kiosk, especially as we move into the new, contactless, COVID normal. Signing in and out of the school as a staff member or student is as simple as tapping your ID card on your school’s Kiosk.

All student sign-ins and sign-outs will automatically link up with your Compass Attendance module, displaying on class rolls and attendance summaries when the student has arrived or departed.

Compass ID card + KioskLite = streamlined school office

3. Say goodbye to library cards

Replace your library cards with Compass ID cards! By integrating with popular library management systems like Oliver, students can borrow library books by scanning the barcode on the back of their Compass ID card.

Integrating with your library and printing systems requires minimal setup, as the barcodes displayed on your cards will match up the system’s barcode scanners in most cases. Students are also able to use their ID card for printing credits, allowing them and their parents to keep track of all transactions made at school in one place.

With the scan of a Compass ID card barcode, books are a students to borrow

4. Choose from a range of Compass modules to integrate with

Of course, our ID cards also integrate with many of our own modules, features and functions, replacing the need for multiple providers. These include:

  • Guardian: Guardian is our fully integrated door management system, which ensures your school community is kept safe. Guardian can be configured to allow certain students and staff members to access doors at given times during the day, including after hours, using their ID cards. It also records a log, so you’re able to see who accessed a door at any given time.
  • TimeCard: The TimeCard module manages staff arrivals and departures through your school Kiosk: staff simply tap their ID cards on the Kiosk’s card reader resulting in an efficient and reliable time-keeping system customised to your school's needs.
  • Canteen: Say goodbye to cash handling! Compass Canteen allows staff and students to use their Compass ID card to purchase food online from a range of menus. Using our Canteen point of sale systems, similar to a Kiosk, students are able tap their ID card to access their account and Compass credit.
  • Custom Flags: Custom Flags allow your school to apply indicators to students, which display as text on each ID card, making staff aware of vital information pertaining to the student. For example, these flags can identify students with additional needs, EAL requirements, extra curricular activities and leadership roles, or any other categories your school would like to keep track of.
  • Roll Tap: ID cards can be used by students to mark themselves present on the roll through the Roll Tap feature. Once this is enabled at your school, staff with an Android device can use their phones as ID card readers, as students tap their card onto the phone to sign into class.

To find out more about modules you might be missing, download our Module Overview brochure.

5. Benefit from an MSP Photography discount

Compass has partnered with MSP Photography to offer your initial ID card batch at a further discounted rate!

Partnering with MSP Photography will offer you a range of advantages, including cheaper ID cards, quicker delivery time, and guidance through the design process. As MSP will have taken the photos for you, they are also able to upload these photos directly into your Compass portal, for use on your ID cards.

If you'd like to arrange a quote, please reach out to your MSP franchisee for more information.


If you’re keen to get started with preparing your ID card order for 2021, please get in touch, and the ID Cards Team will reach out to discuss all aspects of the card design and order information.

Once the card design and details are approved, your order will be processed and the ID Cards will be sent off to your school, ready for integration throughout your school!

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