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Compass Discussions: more than a remote teaching and learning tool

Compass Team

Back in July we launched a brand new tool to aid remote teaching and learning, Discussions. Recently we’ve been checking in with school’s who signed up for the module to see how they’re getting along, and have found that a number of schools have developed uses for Discussions that will far outlast this period of remote schooling. This blog contains just a few of them.

  • Wellbeing check-ins: The pressure caused by the pandemic gets to all of us from time to time, and we know the power of dropping in to say ‘are you okay?’ While it would not be appropriate to use Discussions as a forum for more serious wellbeing conversations, checking in to see how your class is going is a great way to raise spirits.
  • Class debates: Debates are a great way to activate learning, allowing students to think analytically and critically, and learn how to formulate an argument. While we often focus on oral debates, written debates are an equally powerful tool for teaching. Set an engaging topic (for example, ‘Students should continue to learn remotely after the pandemic’), establish the rules of the debate, and invite students to respond with an argument for or against the motion (you might even want to allocate students a side of the argument).
  • Activity planning: When Level 3 and 4 restrictions end and you’re back in the classroom, you might want to plan activities for your lessons - or even events and excursions - with some student input: Discussions is the perfect place to open up these questions.
  • Polls and surveys for fun: Like wellbeing check-ins, sometimes it can bring your class closer together - especially when we’re far apart - to ask your students questions like what footy team they support, or what famous person or public figure they admire. These sorts of conversations allow everybody to get to know each other a little better, something that builds confidence and encourages classroom participation.

To find out more about Discussions, and learn how you can keep the conversation going, get in touch with the team.

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