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App changes to make life easier for parents and carers, one step at a time

Compass Team
We're beginning to make changes to the way parents and carers use the Compass app...

Simple solutions for very busy people

Did you know that in the average Australian household with children, a mother will work 77 hours a week (20 hours of paid work, 30 hours of household work and 27 hours of childcare), and a father will work 75 hours a week (46 hours of paid work, 16 hours of housework and 13 hours of childcare)?

That’s not even taking the commute into account, or trying to squeeze a bit of personal time to an already incredibly hectic schedule, between all that work and a few hours of sleep. Let’s face it: parents and carers are often incredibly time-poor.

These statistics are reflected in the way parents and carers use Compass. Very few of them sit down and log in to the Compass website from a desktop computer, the majority use our mobile app. This makes sense: if you’re constantly on the go, you want to be able to complete necessary but time-consuming tasks quickly, with ease and without too much thought.

We created Compass to do just that: to simplify complexity in school communities and free up everybody's time, and the app is an area we're making even easier for parents and carers to use to achieve this.

New options for course payments and agreements

In terms of specific functionality, we have improved the way parents and carers pay for courses within Compass. Every year, from November through to February, Compass processes thousands of course agreements and voluntary contributions through our Course Confirmations module. Yet we know that this is always an incredibly time-consuming period for schools, with lots of paper piling up and payments to chase - and that’s without even mentioning end of semester reports!

Our solution has been to make the process even easier from the app. Not only can parents and carers now process their child's course agreements through the app, they can pay for them too. Even better, you can notify parents and carers  when they have an outstanding payment to make, making it less likely they'll forget to do so on top of the countless other things they need to do that week.

We view these changes as a win for everybody in your school community: parents can make their payments with ease from their phone, meaning that your school is more likely to receive payments. All without the hassle of manually processing course agreements and fees.

Want to get started?

If your school already uses Compass but you want to find out how you can get more from our connected school management system, please get in touch!

Not using Compass to simplify the complex in your school? We can help you get started here.

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