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Preparing for Change: Setting the stage for success

Compass Team

Let’s examine how each Compass change management stage plays out in detail. 

As explored in the previous article, change management plays a crucial role in successfully implementing the Compass school management system. 

Now, we'll dive deeper into each stage of the Compass change management process, focusing on how to effectively engage stakeholders, develop a comprehensive change management plan, and communicate the benefits of the transition.

By setting shared objectives, stakeholders can come together and develop a stronger commitment to change.

Engaging stakeholders

  1. Identifying key stakeholders: ​​Involving key stakeholders, such as school administrators, teachers, business managers, IT staff, and students, is crucial to ensure a successful Compass implementation. Navigating the transition and addressing potential challenges rely on their input and buy-in.
  2. Creating a shared vision for Compass implementation: Work closely with the stakeholders you've identified to create a unified vision of how Compass can simplify school management and enhance parent engagement. By setting shared objectives, stakeholders can come together and develop a stronger commitment to change.

Developing a change management plan

  1. Setting objectives and timelines: Outline clear objectives for Compass implementation, such as improving communication, reducing administrative tasks, or increasing parent involvement. Compass will assist in establishing realistic timelines for each stage of the implementation process, from handover to 'Go Live' and beyond, to keep everyone on track and accountable.
  2. Identifying resources and support structures: Compass will collaborate with your school to determine the resources needed for a successful implementation, such as training materials and technical support. Establish support structures to address questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide ongoing guidance.

Communicating the change

  1. Raising awareness of the benefits of Compass: Share the advantages of Compass with the school community, emphasising how the platform will improve daily operations and enhance learning experiences. Highlight specific features that address current challenges, demonstrating the tangible benefits of embracing the new technology.
  2. Addressing concerns and managing expectations: Encourage open dialogue and provide opportunities for your stakeholders to voice their concerns or ask questions about the Compass implementation. Address these concerns by offering clear explanations, showcasing the benefits, and providing reassurance about the available support structures. Manage expectations by setting realistic goals and emphasising that the transition will have a learning curve. Still ultimately, the change will lead to a more efficient and collaborative educational environment for everyone.

By effectively engaging stakeholders, developing a comprehensive change management plan, and communicating the benefits of the transition, your school sets the stage for a smoother adoption of the Compass school management system. In addition, these foundational steps will help ensure that everyone involved feels supported and ready for the upcoming changes.

The next phase of change management: managing the change itself. In our upcoming article, "Managing Change: Executing the Implementation Plan," we'll explore the steps to take during the implementation process. Stay tuned to learn how to execute your change management plan and ensure a successful transition to the Compass platform for your school community.


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