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Ten virtual events your school community can hold during closures

Schools, students and parents have embarked on one of the biggest educational experiments in living memory this term. With the technical side of running a classroom well and truly underway, there has been one major aspect of school life that has come to a sudden halt: events. Now is the time to think outside the box and start curating new-age virtual events.

Our free-to-use ticketing platform, CompassTix, allows schools to host events, gather registrations, ask customisable questions, email attendees and process payments entirely online. We have worked with schools to brainstorm 10  events you can deliver in CompassTix to maintain some sense of normality for your students and their families.

1. Trivia night

Trivia nights are a crowd favourite and work wonders for bringing people together! All you need to do is create your quiz, set up your CompassTix event to invite your attendees then email a video meeting directly from CompassTix the day of your event! You can also try using Kahoot, a free to use platform where anyone can either create a custom quiz or play pre-existing quizzes to collect answers online.

2. School Family Feud

Create your very own school Family Feud by setting up an event in CompassTix with custom questions asked upon checkout. This can include short answer questions such as ‘things you would find in a bathroom?’. Download the export and tally up the most common answers - then host a video call meeting with a team of students vs teachers to see who wins!

3. Online Mothers Day stall

With Mothers’ Day around the corner, you’re still able to unite your school by offering a stall for students to browse and purchase gifts for Mum. Simply Create an event on compasstix with a ticket, photo and price of each item you're selling (e.g. Purse, Candle). Then post your URL to your Compass Newsfeed.

4. Raffle

Continue fundraising efforts for your school by hosting a raffle on CompassTix! Create your event, highlighting the prizes up for grabs and sell tickets for a chance to win. Share the event URL with parents and randomly select the lucky winners!

5. Survey

Check in with your staff, parents and students by creating a survey event in CompassTix. Create custom questions to be answered on the checkout page that can be downloaded in an easy to read export.

6. Year 6 / Year 12 jumpers

Unity by uniform! Collect your students orders and payments online via CompassTix for either home delivery or pick up from school grounds later in the year.

7. Poetry competition

Encourage creativity by setting up a school-wide poetry/writing competition. Students can submit their work through our ‘collect information’ section of the event form. Create an event, specify a topic or prompt and share the URL on the Compass News Feed to all year levels!

8. Virtual fun run

Although we may not be able to host school athletics days, we can still encourage our students to stay active. Set up a virtual fun run event in CompassTix outlining the date, time and distance of the run. Then share it on your Compass Newsfeed for optional participation from staff, parents and students. You could use apps such as Strava for participants to track and share their results!

9. Readathon

Get your kids reading again! Set up an event in CompassTix with all of your school must reads as a ‘ticket’ on the event. Encourage the students to grab a ticket for each book on the list that they’ve read. The student who has the most tickets at the end of the isolation period wins!

10. Event registration form

Whether you’re hosting a parent information evening, child care (for essential workers), flu shots for staff or attendance to optional classes, you can use CompassTix to gather registration.

If you'd like to find out more about how to create an event in CompassTix, you can get started here.

Need some assistance or have an idea for a virtual event that isn’t listed above? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact the CompassTix team by LiveChat or email. We're here for you!

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