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The Compass Onboarding Process - How do we do it?

Compass Team

Following our exploration of change management principles and their importance in education, we now move into the practical side of adopting Compass in your school. This article will guide you through the Compass onboarding process, highlighting the critical steps in implementing our school management system. We will also examine the role of change management in each stage of the process, ensuring a smooth and effective transition for all stakeholders.

Overview of the Compass implementation process

With over 14 years of experience partnering with schools, Compass has earned top marks for its school management system.  We've designed the onboarding process to be smooth and effective, including the following steps:

  1. Handover: The Compass and school teams meet to discuss the finer details of the implementation.
  2. Portal build: Compass handles the technical heavy lifting, building a customised portal for your school.
  3. Data migration:  Compass initiates importing your user data and facilitates the migration of historical data, such as well-being records and semester reports to the portal.
  4. Training and sandpit: Throughout the portal's development, Compass provides a training program to prepare school staff for the 'Go Live' day. 
  5. Go live: Action! Your Compass portal is ready to be put to work, streamlining your school's administration and management.
  6. Ongoing success: The Compass Support Centre remains available to address any concerns and ensure a smooth transition.

Compass has earned top marks for its school management system.

The role of change management in each stage of implementation

  1. Preparing for change: During the handover phase, change management involves clear communication between Compass and the school to establish expectations and address questions. This step is crucial in pinpointing potential challenges, discussing necessary resources, and preparing everyone for upcoming changes.
  2. Managing change: While building your Compass portal and migrating data, change management emphasises providing training and support to school staff. Training ensures that everyone can effectively use the Compass platform. In addition, by addressing issues as they arise and celebrating achievements along the way, the school community remains engaged and motivated throughout the process. 
  3. Reinforcing change: After the 'Go Live' day, the focus shifts to reinforcing the changes and ensuring they become an integral part of the school's daily operations. Change management at this stage involves gathering feedback from staff, students, and parents to continuously evaluate and optimise the platform's effectiveness.

Successfully implementing the Compass school management system requires a thorough understanding of the onboarding process and the integration of change management principles at every stage. From the initial handover to the ongoing support provided by Compass, our team ensures a seamless transition for your school.

As we continue our Change Management Series, the next post, "Preparing for Change: Setting the Stage for Success" will examine the crucial first steps of the Compass onboarding process. So stay tuned to learn how to lay the groundwork and dive deeper into each stage of the Compass change management process.


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