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Top tips for the return to remote teaching and learning

Compass Team

Yes, we’ve done this all before, but that doesn’t make it any easier! We know teachers, parents and carers, and students across Victoria might be feeling some stress about the return to remote teaching and learning, so we had a little think about some Compass tips and tricks to help you out over the next few weeks.

We've split these tips into two sections: the first will mainly be of use to class teachers, the second will benefit everybody in your school community. Both sections highlight functions that will hopefully help this period of learning and teaching from home run as smoothly as possible.

(If, on the other hand, it's a return to the classroom you're worried about, check out our handy blog on ways we can support you adjust to social distancing and more in your school.)

Compass remote learning tips for teachers

Update and communication options through Lesson Plan and the Class News Feed

Did you know you can assign lesson-specific work or information via the Lesson Plan? This can be especially useful if you need to post links to video conferencing software.

You can also use the Class News Feed to send announcements and reminders to students and parents & parents about classes; this is vital for ensuring you stay in touch with your classes and guaranteeing they receive all of the information they need to succeed.

You can pack your Lesson Plan full of information to ensure students know what they're working on, and then use the Class News Feed to staying in touch with your class.

Using Learning Tasks to assign and receive work from students / parents and carers

Within Learning Tasks  you can assign work to an entire class, or use the ‘Students’ tab in the individual Learning Task to assign work to a single student or select group of students. You can use the ‘File Submission’ function to allow students / parents and carers to submit their work to the Task, which you can then use to monitor participation.

Enabling online submission of work is essential for ensuring students submit the tasks you have assigned!

More options for monitoring participation through the Page Access Report

Keep an eye on students who might be falling behind by monitoring which students are regularly accessing your online learning material; simply download the Page Access Report in the Tools menu of the Class Page:

Page Access Reports will give you some much needed insight into who is actually accessing the work they should be doing.

The report you download will state the last time a student and their parents or carers have accessed your class page, and can be used to determine which students are participating in lessons, or even which parents are actively using their Compass portal.

Compass remote learning tips for the rest of your school community

Specify year levels when sending an Attendance SMS

Our automated Attendance SMS now allows for a staggered return to school by different year levels, so you can specify which year levels it applies to.

To enable an SMS template, simply press the pencil on the right hand side to choose which year levels you want to include.,

Make sure parents of students in school years that are learning remotely don't receive unnecessary Attendance SMS notifications - we're sure they'll appreciate it.

Make your Kiosk COVIDsafe

We mentioned this one in our last Product Update Blog, but just in case you missed it, we've enabled new Kiosk settings for a COVID-19 sign-in process. This will allow you to ensure that any visitors signing in to your school on the Kiosk agree to the COVIDsafe expectations, in addition to your school child safety policy. To enable this function on your Kiosk, please get in touch with the team.

By enabling the COVIDsafe sign-in process, visitors to your school will have to confirm they meet these expectations.

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