2022 Round Up of End-of-Year Gifts

Mackenzie Wagstaff

The summer break is here, and the end of the school year means saying thank you and farewell to the teachers who have been there for students all year.

Throughout Primary school, I had a number of teachers that made a very significant impact on me, and because it was within our means to do so, my mum made sure they received a small token of appreciation - whether it was a bottle of wine, some flowers, chocolates, or a wonderfully terrible portrait drawn by yours truly. 

We’ve rounded up our top 5 favourite gifts that teachers have received this year (with a couple of rogue ones for pure entertainment value). 

  1. Picasso, is that you? @tweettweetcher received a wonderful painting by one her students
  1. One of @DHeap_PE ‘s students got creative with this farewell letter, punctuated with some sweet treats
  1. Whilst we’re pretty sure @ChrisYoules is joking, we like to think that a student actually gave him this charming array of products.
  1. Sometimes, it’s nice to know that your students are actually paying attention - even if it’s not to your teaching, as @simodoho found out with this end-of-year gift
  1. And finally, you can never go wrong with a personal touch. Just ask Mr Edwards from @st_michaels_ham with his new personalised hi-vis vest

All jokes aside, we want to say thank you to all of the wonderful teachers and school staff for all that you do; you play such an important role in the lives of children, and deserve all of the love and thanks in the world. Whilst gifts are a lovely gesture, we know they are not within everyone’s means. However, sometimes even a handwritten letter is all that’s needed to show our educators how much we appreciate them.

 We hope you all thoroughly enjoy your summer break, and return relaxed and ready to tackle the new Academic Year this September. 

Now, if anyone asks, I’ll be by the beach with my SPF 50+ 😎

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