Launching Pulse: School Data & Analytics Platform

Louie Fisher

Here at Compass, we are delighted to launch our brand new, integrated data visualisation tool for schools: Pulse. 

Pulse is an analytics platform that centralises all of your data so that you can manage it in a more efficient and intuitive way, informing insight-driven decisions to improve student outcomes, as well as relieving your staff of lengthy data-crunching duties.

Pulse helps your school to:

  • Gain instant insights to identify trends and inform decision-making. 
  • Configure repeatable and personalisable reports, saving masses of data-crunching time.
  • Convert your data into meaningful and easy-to-dissect reports.
  • Avoid costly 3rd party data solutions.

 This module is the result of over $1m of funding and several months of work guided by the requirements of UK school stakeholders.

Pulse is comprised of a few different elements: Firstly, we know that all schools are different, so the Pulse Dashboard Builder enables you to configure bespoke dashboards to ensure your data is streamlined and relevant to your needs. By personalising these dashboards, the specific widgets you choose will showcase only the data you need. For example, the data a Headteacher needs to access will likely be very different to the data an Attendance Officer or a Class Teacher needs.

There are over 100 data-displaying widgets, meaning you can build specific dashboards for different year groups, key stages or even custom groups if you need to track specific school demographics such as SEN, Pupil Premium or EAL pupils. 

Want a generic out-of-the-box dashboard so your school can hit the ground running with your data? We can do that. Want a bespoke dashboard tailored to your specific needs on a user or school level? We can do that too.

Pulse Analytics allows you to dig into these dashboards further, enabling you to filter your results for specific time periods, track custom groups, or track dynamic data sets such as the number of students with less than 95% attendance, or more than 5 negative behaviour incidents, for example. This is the best place to identify trends and inform decision-making.

If you need to build reports from scratch, Pulse Reports enables you to configure repeatable templates that track the specific data measures you need, whether that’s for a recurring attendance export or for reporting to your local authority or the DfE.

This data is exportable as PDF or CSV files meaning you can convert your data into meaningful, easy-to-dissect and flexible reports for your next staff meeting, parents evening or reporting cycles.

To find out more about time-saving data crunching, get in touch!

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Launching Pulse: School Data & Analytics Platform

Here at Compass, we are delighted to launch our brand new, integrated data visualisation tool for schools: Pulse. We know as schools you are swamped with unproductive tasks that burn through your precious time, with endless reports, exports, OfSted documentation writing impact statements and reporting back in Local authority meetings. So we got to work making sure the data you collect already can be easily repurposed and transformed into intuitive reports and data visualisations (graphs, pie charts etc.) for all your needs, and no additional workload.

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