“None of us is as smart as all of us”

Pete Collison

“None of us is as smart as all of us”

This simple yet powerful quote from American author Ken Blanchard is true in many contexts, but perhaps none more so than education.

A great teacher can absolutely make a difference to a pupil but a whole school community, with many great teachers and fully engaged pupils, can make a huge difference.  At Compass Education we believe that school communities are at the heart of any society and their positive impact can reach far and wide.

But, shaping young minds is a complex task that requires completing dozens of additional activities and all too often, this extra work can get in the way of educating. School staff are far too important to be spending time on inefficient administrative tasks when they could be helping their pupils to flourish.

Over the last 13 years Compass has been working with schools on exactly this mission - helping them to remove inefficiency by developing the smartest and most connected Management Information System. Over this time we are proud to have created;

An array of time-saving features:

Compass is a broad and fully-integrated product, with a wide range of cleverly designed modules going far beyond essential MIS tasks to save you time in areas such as attendance and behaviour management, communications and payments.  

Exceptional parental engagement:

from school communications, through to payments, trips and academic information, Compass engages families with a single, secure location for all school-related information.

Fully integrated hardware:

the Compass suite also includes a range of innovative and unique  devices to help you manage cashless catering, visitor  sign-in and even door access, helping you to run a seamlessly integrated school.

The best customer service:

from first contact, through onboarding to daily usage, you’ll find the Compass experience is second to none.

Now we’re bringing this expertise to the UK…

And because we know that the best school software is designed in collaboration with those who actually use it, and because Ken Blanchard is right - we are smarter together - we are proud to be launching our Strategic Partner Programme in the UK. Via this programme Compass will be working in collaboration schools like yours to shape a sector-leading MIS. Making sure that the platform we provide is exactly the platform that you and your whole community want. In addition our Strategic Partner schools will receive a range of exclusive benefits including, 50% off Compass licensing guaranteed for your full contract term plus priority onboarding, free data migration and training from our team to name just a few.

So if you agree with us, that education is at the heart of community, and that we must always be striving for better outcomes, then we want to work with you.

Email us at enquires@compass.education and we can start the conversation!

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