Communications, Payment & Consent

Whatever the size of your school community, there are always challenges to address. Ensuring important messages are actioned can be particularly difficult. Not when you’ve partnered with Compass.

Stay in control of school communications

Traditional methods of getting key information out to parents and carers aren’t always reliable, efficient or cost-effective - how often do school newsletters get lost at the bottom of a bag? We’ve developed a communication structure to ensure your message is never missed.

Get your message out, easily

School bus running late this morning? Send out a bulk SMS message to families in seconds. Whether it is the whole school, or just one class, our platform enables you to get the right information to the right people.

    Flexibility and simplicity

    Different messages require different mediums. So, we’ve made sure you have plenty of choice. You might opt for an SMS for a quick blast of information. Maybe you want to share a detailed story, opt for an email. Need to alert a parent fast? How about a personalised push notification? It’s all there and ready to make your work day stressfree.

      Be seen and heard

      Whether announcing that big win over your school's rival, or highlighting the achievements of individual students, our newsfeed can replace the traditional newsletter. Choose your target audience, write your prose and release your message in to the wild.

        Stress-free payments

        The start of a new school year should be something to get excited about - even if it mean an end to the summer break. Fortunately, we make it stress-free, so you can start the year fully prepared for the year ahead.

        Simplify school fees

        Define the payments, set the cost of your subjects and outline your agreements to allow for parents to handle their school fees, without the stress.

          Flexible payment options

          Set instalment dates and denominations to space out school fee payments to ease the burden on parents - but always with the option to pay upfront. 

            Easily track the payment status

            Keeping track of payments is easy with our simple status information tracker. If a student has awaiting payments, paid their fees in full, or not started their payments at all, we’ll keep you in the loop.

              Embrace a smarter, cashless canteen

              Make canteen queues a thing of the past with Compass' Cashless Canteen. Integrating online ordering processes, a simple point-of-sale device and timesaving order-tracking, you can create a canteen of the future.

              Wow parents with online ordering

              Parents and carers are time poor. Wouldn't it be great if you could save them time with cashless online canteen orders? Integrated with the Compass wallet, selecting and processing canteen orders can be easy.

                Order anywhere on your campus

                Implement our point-of-sale kiosks at your school to allow for staff and students to make orders on a simple touch-screen terminal. Simplicity + ease = happy people!

                  Control your canteen like never before

                  Our extensive canteen administration options allows you to create menus, add items and set prices. We can also help you keep control of the amount being ordered, and any additional information on menu items as needed.

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