Learning & Assessment

We’ve spent years developing our school management ecosystem with one clear goal in mind: to empower school communities to help students grow. Fostering an environment where learning can flourish is central to that.

Easily manage assignments

Dogs can’t eat homework submitted online: we move your entire assignment process online, from drafting tasks to final marks. Quick, convenient and good for the planet!

Streamlined and centralised for ease

Forgo your submission folders and marking booklets. Compass puts all the tools you need for the creation, publication, monitoring and marking of assignments in one handy place. (And when reporting time rolls around, effortlessly integrate results into semester reports!)

    Improved parent engagement

    The involvement of parents and carers is key to educational success. Maximise their engagement by allowing them to view when assignments are due and receive automated SMS alerts for tasks that haven’t been turned in.

      Go beyond the school gates

      Boost clarity and communication within your community by providing staff, students, parents and carers with the ability to converse with each other within specific homework tasks. Less confusion means better marks for Billy!

        Track progress

        Learning is about more than how well your students perform in their end-of-year exams. Compass gives you the tools to manage and track your formative and summative assessments all year round.

        Tracking from Early Years to Year 13

        Record and compare a student’s progress with ease as data saved is collated and stored for year-to-year review, making it easier to visualise how Charlotte has progressed over her time in school.

          Quick and easy reporting

          Designed with speed and consistency in mind, staff can simply fill in a single template to record results, or add information at the click of a few buttons within a student’s profile, considerably reducing the time it takes to report progress.

            Make your marking multi-dimensional

            Go beyond a simple score and dig a little deeper to enrich the rationale behind the marking. Add comments, attach files, and include links for personal reference: all to customise, clarify and personalise student results.

              Simplify exams management

              We're building a smarter Exams module to take the pain out of your official exams management process.

              Exams made easy

              We're building an exams module that simplifies and automates the most painful parts of exams management for all Ofqual-recognised qualifications.

                Manage exams from start to finish

                You'll be able to use Compass to enter candidates for external examinations, submit entries and marks to examinations boards, and print candidates' statements of results.

                  Help us to remove your pain points

                  Our exams module will be live towards the end of 2021. Get in touch to let us know your biggest exams bugbears and influence our roadmap.

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