Tame your
Multitasking Monster.

Does your multitasking monster have you bouncing from task to task, diving down rabbit holes or jumping through hoops? Take control of your day and tame the monster with an MIS that helps you manage curriculum, take care of the admin, and keep parents engaged.

Unmulti your tasking with Compass, the UK’s newest MIS.


Multitasking is holding business managers back.

They’re doing less, while doing more.

Studies show that shifting between multiple tasks can cause mini mental blocks, eroding your productivity by as much as 40%.

(American Psychological Assoc)

They’re losing 2-hours a day to multitasking.

Employees are losing up to 10 hours a week of productivity due to interruptions and multitasking!

(Randstad UK)

They struggle to find momentum.

Regaining our momentum after an interruption takes an average of 23 minutes.

(University of California Irvine)

Compass can help tame your Multitasking Monster.

Software should do the hard work for you. Compass easily handles the day-to-day across student admin and data management, timetabling, communications and consent, and more. Create the right combination of tools to unlock productivity for administrators, and make life easier for teachers and parents.

Our ever-expanding group of modules:

Attendance, Behaviour & Health

Easily keep track of your students journey through the school gate each day.

People & Admissions

Centralise data management of the people who make your school a special place.

Communications, Payment & Consent

Paperless processes for school trips, courses, and even the canteen.

Management & Reporting

Access comprehensive continuous reporting and performance analysis.

Learning & Assessment

Manage assignments and track progress to drive student outcomes.

Timetable & Events

Stay organised for every occasion in your school community’s busy day-to-day calendar.

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Who is Compass?

Compass is here to make your school day more productive, more impactful and more enjoyable. We’re a tried and tested MIS provider and have been working with schools for over a decade.From our beginnings in Australia, we've grown to work with over 2000 schools globally and have more than 200 passionate and dedicated employees working hand-in-hand with schools every single day.

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