Online Safety and Cyberbullying: The Irish Government’s New Action Plan for Education


As technology becomes increasingly integrated into education, the issue of cyberbullying has escalated, impacting the mental health and academic performance of students. Recognising this, the Irish Government has launched the Cineáltas action plan, a comprehensive strategy aimed at tackling bullying in the education sector. This article explores the key components of this plan, particularly focusing on the measures addressing cyberbullying, and highlights the role of educational technology in promoting online safety.

Overview of Cineáltas

The Cineáltas action plan is a proactive approach by the Irish Government to create a safer and more supportive educational environment. Spanning from 2023 to 2027, this plan outlines specific actions and policies aimed at reducing bullying, with a significant focus on the growing issue of cyberbullying. The primary objectives include establishing clear anti-bullying policies, providing adequate training for educators, and ensuring support systems are in place for affected students.

Cyberbullying in the Education Sector

Cyberbullying, defined as bullying that takes place over digital devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets, has become a pervasive problem in schools. Examples include spreading rumours online, sending threatening messages, and sharing private information without consent. According to recent statistics, a significant number of students in Ireland have experienced cyberbullying, leading to severe consequences such as anxiety, depression, and declining academic performance.

Key Components of the Action Plan

Cineáltas introduces several measures to combat cyberbullying:

Policy Implementation

Schools are required to establish and enforce comprehensive anti-bullying policies.

Teacher Training

Educators will receive training to identify, prevent, and respond to bullying incidents.

Student Support

The plan includes provisions for counselling and support services for students affected by cyberbullying.

Role of Technology in Addressing Cyberbullying

While technology has contributed to the rise of cyberbullying, it also offers solutions:

Monitoring Tools

Software that tracks behaviour and addresses online safety issues effectively.

Educational Platforms

Programs that promote digital literacy and responsible online behaviour are crucial.

Compass MIS Solutions

Management Information System (MIS) modules like Compass Chronicle help schools monitor and track behaviour to identify and prevent bullying.

Collaboration and Community Involvement

Successful implementation of Cineáltas requires the involvement of the entire school community:

Parental Engagement

Parents must be informed and involved in their children’s online activities.

Student Participation

Students should be educated on the impact of cyberbullying and encouraged to support their peers.

Community Programs

Initiatives that raise awareness and promote a positive school culture are essential.

Expected Outcomes and Future Steps

The Cineáltas action plan aims to achieve significant reductions in bullying incidents through its comprehensive measures. Success will be monitored through regular assessments and feedback from schools. The plan is designed to be adaptive, with provisions for updates based on the evolving digital landscape and emerging challenges.


Addressing cyberbullying is critical to ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment. The Cineáltas action plan is a significant step forward in tackling this issue, but its success hinges on the active participation of schools, parents, and the wider community. By working together, we can create a safer online environment for our students.

For resources and support in implementing effective online safety measures in your school, as well as maintaining parental communication and engagement, contact Compass Education today. In the meantime, read our Wellbeing Whitepaper that explores how to use technology to support student mental fitness and wellbeing.

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