More, in one.

Attendance and Roll Marking

Semester and Progress Reporting

News Feed and Calendaring

Staff, Student and Parent Portal

Online Payments and consent

Resource and Curriculum Builder

Parent Teacher Interviews

Wellbeing and Behaviour Management

Event Planning, Approvals and Payments
Budgeting and Purchase Orders
Native iPhone and Android Applications
And much more…
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The Compass Platform

Designed from scratch for schools, Compass is a modular, web-based school management platform.

Anywhere, anytime

Designed and built for the web. Compass works on all modern browsers on any device. Additionally, we have native apps for iPhone and iPad devices.

Join the Family

Compass is the cornerstone of hundreds of schools around Australia, enabling better processes, better communication, better management and better engagement.


Unlimited, untimed support. Call, email, online. Whatever method, we‘re here to help.


When you come on board we will show you and your staff how to use Compass. We are confident our software is so easy to use you won‘t need much training at all and that‘s why it is included, at no cost to you.

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Compass Device Images