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Our market leading features

Attendance and Roll Marking

Ensure your school is fully compliant with attendance monitoring requirements

Attendance management is hard, but Compass makes it easy for you to get on top of attendance in your school. Our revolutionary attendance system sets the bar across the globe.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Full compliance with legislative attendance monitoring requirements, using a cloud-based system that can be accessed via browser or app
  • Manage late arrivals and early departures with ease with live updates to attendance data using our state of the art Kiosks
  • Eliminate paper-based roll marking and connect the classroom to the office with the click of a button, to provide your teachers with more time to focus on learning outcomes
  • Improved parent engagement including the ability to automatically contact parents via SMS if their child is absent from school
  • Allow parents to directly add an approval into the system with a One Time Attendance Link in your absence notifications
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Event Management and Payments

Reduce the administrative burden to manage school events

Provide staff an end-to-end online platform to manage your school events and excursions, saving time for school staff and ensuring that critical student information, such as medical information, is communicated to event organisers.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Centralised event application process for staff with built in approval and notification chains
  • Time savings for parents and school staff through online consent forms and permission slips allowing parents to conveniently approve events / activities through your Compass portal
  • Reduced cash handling for students and staff as parents can pay directly through the Compass portal
  • Improved student safety as all critical medical and emergency contact details are automatically provided to event organisers and comprehensive risk management documentation is easily developed

Parent Portal

Drive parent engagement using the Parent Portal

The parent portal drives parent engagement to ensure they are kept up to date on their child’s progress.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Improved parent engagement through easy, on-demand access to their child’s learning experience including assignments and Semester Reports
  • Reduced administration effort in communicating with parents through automated notifications of student absences, online consent and payment for excursions, live newsfeed and booking parent teacher interviews
  • Integration with the Compass app ensures that parents can access information on the go

Mobile Apps

Provide access to student information at any time, from any place

Get our market leading app on iOS or Android to allow staff, students and parents to access Compass on the go. With access to real-time student data, the Compass app improves parent engagement and student accountability to enhance the education experience.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Stronger parent engagement through access to their child’s information at any time from any place
  • Parents can receive push notifications with real-time updates on grades and attendance to boost parent support in achieving learning outcomes
  • Improved student accountability and learning outcomes through increased support from parents

Continuous Reporting and Learning Management

Easily manage learning activities to improve learning outcomes

Improve learning outcomes by enabling school staff, students and parents to easily view and manage learning activities.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Students are provided live feedback on learning activities as school staff can conveniently comment and provide feedback through the platform
  • Parents have much greater visibility over their child’s learning activities, with the option to receive SMS alerts for overdue assignments
  • Teachers save time on administrative activities, with student grades automatically displayed on semester reports

Summative Reporting

Generate reports faster with online semester reports

Save your teachers hours in developing school reports by fully digitising the report writing process and automatically importing attendance and assessment data.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Clear communication of progress between semesters through full integration with the department curriculum
  • Significant time savings for school staff, with student data automatically imported in semester reports
  • Fully customisable reports, allowing school staff to develop reports according to their needs
Semester Reports 1

Resource and Curriculum Builder

Keep all your learning resources in a safe and secure portal

Provide teaching staff with a single repository to access resource and curriculum materials through a safe and secure portal.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Teaching staff have convenient access to all learning resources within a single Compass portal, which can be accessed from home or in the classroom
  • Market leading security measures ensure that all curriculum materials and student assessments are safe and secure

Assessment Data Analytics

Leverage in-depth insights to improve learning outcomes

Provide staff with the tools to monitor student growth and performance to tailor the classroom experience and improve learning outcomes.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Deeper insights on student performance through integration of student data with key data sets, such as NAPLAN to track student growth over time
  • Personalised learning experiences for students leveraging key student performance metrics
  • Track individual student growth in line with their cohort

SMS, Email and Push Notifications

Drive engagement with your school community and convey critical information

Communicate important school and student information to the school community via SMS, email and push notifications.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Increased focus on safety with the ability to quickly communicate with parents if required (such as an absence from school)
  • Improved parent engagement through more targeted communications from the school
  • Improved learning outcomes for students through reminders and alerts to ensure that learning activities are completed on time

Behaviour and Wellbeing

Provide teachers with student well-being observations to better meet student needs

Provide teachers with the tools to gain a comprehensive overview of critical student observations and incidents to better meet student needs.  

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Teachers are kept up to date on student needs through live notifications of new observations and incidents
  • Improved student safety through targeted interventions leveraging the observations and incidents logged
  • Parents receive better insights into their child’s school experience

First Aid and Sickbay

Provide staff with the tools to effectively manage the sickbay, with automated communications to parents and updates to the classroom roll

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Keep parents fully informed when their child is in the sickbay through automated messages
  • Take the hassle away from roll marking, with automatic updates to the classroom roll when a child is in the sickbay

Parent Teacher Interviews

Give time back to teachers by streamlining the process to book parent teacher interviews

Schedule parent-teacher interviews with ease, with our comprehensive online management system. Parents simply log into Compass and book an appointment with their child’s teachers based on the class information already within Compass and the teacher’s availability.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Significantly reduced administrative burden to organise interviews
  • Parents can book interviews in their own time through the web portal or app and easily reschedule if required
  • Parents can request the support they need, including the ability to request an interpreter from a school-defined list of available interpreters

Budgeting and Purchase Orders

Manage your school budgets with easy to use software

Develop budgets in Compass to streamline the budgeting process, allowing Program Managers to enter budget requests directly through Compass. Business Managers can then review, amend and approve program budgets and easily compare against last year’s budget.

Once the budget is ready to be shared, Compass makes the reporting process easy with several export formats designed for detailed review and presentation to the Finance Committee or School Council.

Making purchasing fast and efficient

Use the Purchase Order module to save your staff significant time in managing purchase orders, with staff provided better visibility of purchase order requests and simplified online approvals. Best of all, the entire process is made paperless!


Professional Development

Ensure your staff maximise professional development opportunities

Easily manage staff professional development to ensure that staff receive the development support they require, all while reducing the administrative effort to manage professional development.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Improved development outcomes by aligning teacher development with professional learning plans
  • Streamlined approval process with built-in approvals and notification chains
  • Continuous improvement in sessions through teacher evaluation and feedback
  • Easily track completed PD hours for convenient reporting back to your local teaching registration body.

Calendar and Scheduling

Manage the school calendar with ease

Provide your school community with a coordinated approach to manage school calendars, with an unlimited number of layers to manage key activities and customised access for staff, students and parents.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Reduced effort scheduling activities with classroom rolls, school excursions and professional development sessions automatically added to calendars
  • Improved parent engagement by allowing parents to view their child’s live calendar
  • Parents can easily sync their child’s calendar to their personal calendar, such as Outlook or Google calendar

Digital Signage

Keep your school community informed

Display important school information on any screen around the school to ensure that your school community is kept informed of key activities, achievements and daily organisation changes.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Staff spend less time communicating organisation changes such as room changes and class cancellations
  • Notify staff of lesson coverage
  • Stronger school community through better communication of key school activities
  • Celebrate success by showcasing achievements

CompassIdentity ID Cards

Use our technology-enabled identity cards to reduce administrative costs

Ease the administrative workload for school staff through Compass Identity cards. These cards allow students to sign in and out of the school using kiosks, which reduces administrative time in managing student movements. These cards integrate seamlessly with the Compass Attendance module, meaning that your attendance records are always up to date.


Compass Kiosks

Reduce the administrative workload. Manage arrivals, departures, visitors and contractors with ease

Gain access to our market-leading kiosks, which have a wide range of features including visitor management, information portals and self-service ordering for school photos and printer credit top-up.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Staff have more time to support learning outcomes
  • Convenient access to school information for students and teachers
  • Visitors can easily view and sign child safety and OH&S policies
  • Staff, student and visitor movement translates seamlessly into the Emergency Summary report to assess who is on site in case of an emergency

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Compass Guardian

Keep your school safe and secure

Guardian provides a fully integrated door management system to support the safety and security of your school. It allows customised access rights for staff and students to enter rooms and school entry points. It can be accessed via mobile, desktop or simply using a Compass Identity card.

Guardian includes the ability to control doors, lifts, boomgates using access control rules, schedules, CompassCards and mobile apps.

Your school community will benefit from:

  • Improved school safety by monitoring live access to doors and denied access attempts
  • Easily control access to the school and particular rooms, with the ability to immediately disable a particular card
  • Take the hassle away from holding onto a cluster of keys, with a single, secure app to manage access to the school

Compass Canteen

Enable your canteen to be cashless and ensure that critical dietary alerts are always front of mind

The Compass Canteen module is a fully integrated ordering solution that allows students and parents to purchase food and drinks from school canteens through their Compass portal or POS kiosks.


Utilising Compass Wallet and CompassIdentity cards, school canteens can run completely cashless and allow canteen managers to flag allergen alerts, track orders, wastage and sales patterns!