Introducing Billing Management!

A new, more flexible way to process curriculum and voluntary contributions from your community.

See an increase in fees paid, on time - all compliant with the updates to the DET Parent Payment Policy.

Benefits to Schools

Process more payments, quicker and easier!

Go contactless and reduce foot traffic in the office

Track payments easily - to receipt against families and GL codes


Benefits to Parents

Pay anytime, anywhere! Billing allows you to complete payment more than once, to chip away when you please

Flexible payment options, including instalments & customisable charges

Keep all your school payments in the one place


Step 2 - Create your Billing Runs, Schedules & Items

The three main pillars of your Billing setup - create flexible schedules that parents can pay off items as they please.

Step 3 - Managing Payments

When you've posted out your Billing Schedules - you can start using reports to keep track of and receipt your payments.

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