Compass Canteen

Embrace a smarter, cashless canteen!

Make canteen queues a thing of the past with Compass’ Cashless Canteen. Integrating online ordering processes, a simple point-of-sale device and timesaving order-tracking, you can create a canteen of the future.

Benefits to Schools

Benefits to Parents

Flexible Menu Options

Every Canteen is different, so we’ve created a bunch of great tools to help set up your own menu.

Including options, cost/sale pricing, stock management, categories and more – your community will always be able to find and order exactly what they want.

Search ‘Canteen’ in the top search-bar of your Compass portal to find our in-depth articles.These will give you a great insight into the use of the module, and how you can utilise it at your school.

Think outside the box!

The Canteen module doesn’t just have to be used for lunchtime!

We’ve seen schools setup special menus for all sorts of ideas.

Whether you’re running a special Pizza Day, Mango Drive or Sausage Sizzle – the options are endless!

Using Canteen’s flexibility, you can set amounts and options for each item, for first-in-best-dressed orders.

Each order will be attributed to the relevant parent/student, to make management even easier.

We’ve seen schools use the Canteen module for a uniform shop, which is definitely thinking outside the box!

Set up your uniform items, with sizing options and images, to make ordering simple for parents. Once ordered, you can export a report to know what you need, and who to give each item to.

Utilising cut off times and menu item flexibility, use Canteen for ticketed events, such as Carnivals and Fetes.

This makes tracking orders easier than ever, as parents can access and select the options they’d like- which feed straight back into your bank account and simple reports.

Connect with your community

Keeping everything simple, and in the one place makes everyone’s lives easier.

When parents are able to complete all their school payments and canteen orders online, we’ve seen an increase in parent satisfaction and incoming orders!

Familiar with CompassPay?

Everyday, you’ll receive a bank transfer including all the funds/orders you’ve taken the previous day.

From here, you can receipt, track and refund specific transactions, making sure everything’s in line.

If your school uses an external provider, we recommend setting up an extra CompassPay account, so you can keep your event/contribution payments seperate from your Canteen ones. This is a simple process, and we’re happy to enable this for you.

POS Kiosks

Designed for large secondary schools – order anywhere on your campus!

Implement our point-of-sale kiosks at your school to allow for staff and students to make orders on a simple touch-screen terminal, using their Compass ID Cards.

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