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With over 40+ modules, Compass is the school management system that ticks all of the boxes.

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Leadership & School Administration

We’ve spent years developing our school management ecosystem with one clear goal in mind: to empower school communities to help students grow. Fostering an environment where learning can flourish is central to that.

Better understand your schools performance with dashboards.

Manage your school finances with ease. Send school contribution invoices, accept payments and view billing history all from one place.

Quickly adapt schedules to meet the needs of students and teachers. Create timetables with the click of a button.

Make your staff’s day a little easier with efficient people management and transparent room and resource booking tools.

Explore our Leadership & School Administration Modules

Manage the day-to-day from a single source of truth.


Data visualisation and insights to keep track of the metrics that matter at your school.

Online Orders (Canteen) ​

Build the canteen of the future with integrated online ordering and payment processes for parents and carers.​


An intuitive digital roll marking and centralised attendance management system.

People Management

An interface or alternative for your existing SIS, People Management forms the basis of your data in Compass.

Billing Management

Manage school contributions and consent from parents and carers.

Issue Tracker

Report and track school issues, faults or damage to ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.


Compass Meetings allows you to keep track of staff meetings throughout the school. Delegating actions and agenda items have never been easier!


Create school excursions and receive payments and consent from parents through the app or portal.

Room Swap

Manage room allocation and changes from a centralised location within your class page.

Resource Bookings

Manage access to school resources such as laptops, ensuring nothing is ever double booked.

Time Card

Manage staff arrivals and departures through your school Kiosk.


Track and manage in bulk all current class sessions and rolls.

Schedule Builder

A simple but powerful school timetabling module for schools of all sizes.


Attendance and wellbeing are complex, interconnected issues, but keeping track of this information shouldn’t have to be difficult. Compass has made sure of that.

Keep a proactive eye on your students wellbeing with behaviour monitoring tools to keep you informed, and your students happy.

Establish a clear audit trail for student health incidents and treatments at school, and keep parents informed with message notifications.

Automate communication with parents when students are absent to keep everyone informed and safe.

Keep things confidential. Record sensitive information and be confident your students privacy is respected.

Explore our Wellbeing Modules

Monitor and act on the wellbeing of your students.


Improve student wellbeing by effectively monitoring student behaviour.

Chronicle Sickbay

Record and monitor student health incidents (e.g. illness or injury) and treatments at school.

Chronicle Meetings

Create meetings in Chronicle with students, automatically generating attendance data for the students attending the meeting.

Custom Flags

Assign coloured indicators to student records, highlighting vital information.


Stay up-to-date with selected students’ wellbeing from your Compass homepage.

School Community

Whatever the size of your school community, there are always challenges to address. Ensuring important messages are actioned can be particularly difficult. Not when you’ve partnered with Compass.

Boost community engagement and keep everyone informed with a daily newsfeed accessed from your Compass home screen.

Never miss a thing, access all the Compass tools you need from your mobile phone, wherever you are.

Engage your staff and set development goals and training to ensure equitable access to development opportunities.

Engage parents with a dedicated parent portal to access everything they need – school news, absence details, payments and more.

Explore our School Community Modules

Connect and engage with parents and guardians.

News Feed

Efficient communication with your school community with a centralised space for announcements.

Mobile App

All the functionality of the Compass Portal no matter where you are, for both Android and iPhones.

Parent Portal

Allow parents and carers to stay in the loop with school news, enter absence details and make payments.

SMS Communication

Effectively communicate with staff, parents and carers, and students via bulk SMS, email and push notifications.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Set up online bookings for parent-teacher conferences.

Professional Development

Organise and manage staff development and training, ensuring all staff are able to access PD opportunities.

Insights & Surveys

Release surveys, track progress against individual learning plans and allow students to set goals.

Learning Management

Every child deserves a great education. That’s why we’re invested in maximising every step of a student’s journey. From customisable student reports to comprehensive performance analysis, Compass simplifies your school’s tricky processes creating a fully inclusive management and reporting system.

Record a students progress from Kindergarten to Year 12 with reporting collated year on year to easily visualise how your student is progressing over time.

Better reporting in less time. Staff can use pre-existing templates to quickly complete reports or add information at the click of a button on a students profile.

Move on from paper! Publish assignments, monitor submissions and mark them all from one place. Then easily integrate them into semester reports.

Invite parents to contribute to their child’s learning by viewing assignment due dates, and setting alerts for missed deadlines.

Explore our Learning Management​ Modules

Set learning tasks and capture reporting. Engage parents with transparent reporting and closely monitor student progress.

Semester Reports

A fully integrated reporting system to write and publish your end of semester reports through Compass.

Learning Tasks

Centralised management of assessment tasks through Compass, allowing the provision of tasks to students.

Progress Reports

Provide a complete view of student performance over time, ensuring that progress never goes unnoticed.

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