Condell Park Christian School (NSW)

“Compass is easier to use and navigate. As a school, we can choose what modules to focus on first and teachers can learn little snippets at a time. Outstanding support.”

Condell Park Christian School was thrilled to find a comprehensive School Management System that could cater to their needs.

The Challenge:

Established in 1979, Condell Park Christian School has steadily grown in numbers and resources over the years. Today, their school community is made up of around 100 students. Being a smaller school made it more challenging to find a cloud-based system that was reasonably priced, flexible and with a support offering fit for a school with specific needs. With their previous system, Condell Park Christian School found it hard to access good support and used to have to rely on multiple systems to manage communications, learning outcomes, student wellbeing and school processes. 

Choosing Compass:

One key factor that influenced the decision was the ability to replace multiple systems with one single source of truth. In addition to this, the fact that Compass offers an onboarding process that is tailored to each school’s needs and timeline meant that the transition would be smooth and stress-free. Finally, Condell Park was swayed by a system that catered to all stakeholders within their school community – school leaders, educators, administrative staff, parents/carers and students. With a dedicated parent portal and app and a range of different methods for communicating to parents and staff, such as emails, push notifications and news feed posts, this allows for everyone to feel more connected, as well as more transparency and ease of access to information.


In terms of their students, they have seen an improvement in behaviour and performance due to an increased degree of accountability. Parent engagement and satisfaction has also increased, and staff are feeling less frustrated due to an efficient and intuitive system. The biggest ROI however, according to Head of School Rebekah Chaudhary, is the support. Being able to access free, reliable and expert support has left them feeling valued as a small school and confident that they can work through any issues in a timely manner.

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