Week 1: Half-Day Attendance Grid & Chronicle Roll Tags

Launching our first week of Compass Countdown, we are excited to introduce the Half-Day Attendance Grid and Chronicle Roll Tags to your Compass portals!

Half-Day Attendance Grid

Introducing a new tool for effortless attendance management at your school! The Half-Day Attendance Grid is a visual and functional tool designed to simplify day-to-day interactions with attendance data. Conveniently update attendance data from the grid, easily filter for specific data, and view information grouped by Year, Form, House, Custom Group, and Class. We’re thrilled to announce this as a platform-wide rollout!

Available in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD & NT

For more information on this feature please search for the ‘Attendance’ Knowledge Base article in your Compass portal and navigate to the ‘Administration Guide’ sub-article.

Chronicle Roll Tags

Elevate your classroom management with Chronicle Roll Tags! Looking for a way to quickly record excellent behaviour or uniform alerts? Tag students effortlessly on the class roll for instant insights into wellbeing, attendance, positive behaviour, and beyond. Lighten staff workload and create automatic Chronicle entries upon saving the roll with Chronicle Roll Tags. 

Access to this feature in the Compass App coming soon!

Available in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD & NT

Want to learn more? Check out the resources below:

  • Chronicle Roll Tags Guide
  • Search for the ‘Creating a Chronicle Template’ Knowledge Base article in the search bar of your Compass portal

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