Welcome Back to 2024!

We’re thrilled to have you back and can’t wait to kick off the new school year together. As we prepare for the upcoming school year, we encourage you to check out the resources in this blog to help you get ready for the exciting journey ahead and set yourself up for success.

We’ll be updating this page throughout Term 1 so add this blog post to your favourites for ongoing updates and relevant content!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

It’s time to start setting up your parent-teacher conferences in Compass! Check out the resources below for admin staff, teachers and parents to ensure a smooth and productive conferences experience:

Please ensure that your rollover has been completed before creating your Conferences cycle in Compass to ensure all classes and enrolments are correct.

For more detail on setting up your parent-teacher conferences in Compass, search for the ‘Creating a Conference Cycle’ Knowledge Base article in your Compass portal!

Compass Refresher Webinar‍

Have staff that are new to Compass? Seasoned veteran that wants to feel ready with the day to day tasks? Check out the recording of our Compass Essentials Refresher Webinar below:

Attendance Guides

Designed to show what is happening throughout the school day and the impact on the half day export to CASES21, we hope you find the 2024 Attendance Guides below beneficial when it comes to the best practice for taking attendance in Compass:


Keep your portal secure and ensure that your staff have the relevant permissions they need to access the different areas of Compass. For more information on how to setup and manage permissions, please have a look at the guide below:

Teacher Resources

There is a lot that you can do within the Compass portal. Download our ‘Teaching Staff: How-To Guide’ to help you navigate the ins and outs of the platform. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions to help you save time and focus on what matters most.

Teaching Staff: How-To Guide

Download the guide here and find all of the steps your teaching staff need to complete day-to-day tasks in Compass!

Compass Academy

New to Compass or need a refresher? Enhance your skills with our online short courses available through Compass Academy:

Parent & Guardian Guides

Increase your school’s community engagement with Compass. Share our Parent Guides and FAQs below to help your new and existing families get the most out of Compass:

Product Updates

Want some more information on updates to the Compass platform? Please click here to view our Product Update videos.

Join our Compass Schools Community Facebook page and stay up-to-date with product updates, Compass events and share tips and tricks with other schools part of the Compass family.

Training & Support

If you would like to book in some further training please reach out to our Training Team at training@compass.education, or by filling out our training request form here.

We highly recommend booking your training sessions in advance due to limited availability, particularly during busy periods such as report writing.

For any other questions or queries, please get in contact with our lovely Support Team at support@compass.education, on (03) 9005 5217, or via LiveChat.

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