Embrace a smarter, cashless canteen!

Make canteen queues a thing of the past with Compass' Cashless Canteen. Integrating online ordering processes, a simple point-of-sale device and timesaving order-tracking, you can create a canteen of the future.

Benefits to Schools

Take more orders, quicker and easier!

Keep control of the items available, and when users can order them

Make and track orders easily by printing receipts and reports


Benefits to Parents

Pay anytime, anywhere! Select and process canteen orders completely online

Find the right menu items for your student's dietary requirements

Utilise options and comments to pick the perfect meal! (eg. choose flavour, extra sauce)


Think outside the box!

The Canteen module doesn't just have to be used for lunchtime!

We've seen schools setup special menus for all sorts of ideas.

Connect with your community

Keeping everything simple, and in the one place makes everyone's lives easier.

When parents are able to complete all their school payments and canteen orders online, we've seen an increase in parent satisfaction and incoming orders!


POS Kiosks

Designed for large secondary schools - order anywhere on your campus!

Implement our point-of-sale kiosks at your school to allow for staff and students to make orders on a simple touch-screen terminal, using their Compass ID Cards.


Video Tutorials

Want to learn more?

Let's work together on implementing the Canteen module at your school!