Semester Reports 2024

Get ready for reporting season with our comprehensive guide! Packed with expert tips, new features, and resources, we’ll help you navigate building and publishing student reports in Compass. This blog post is your one-stop shop for all things reporting!

New Features & Updates

Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics Version 2.0

In alignment with Department of Education requirements, we have added the single consolidated Mathematics 2.0 Achievement Standard (VCM2MA) to the existing Victorian Curriculum Achievement Standards Report Element.

For more information on how these updates look in Compass, check out the Mathematics 2.0 blog post linked here.

Click to Exclude Comments in Enter Results

You can now easily mark comments as ‘Excluded’ directly within Enter Results using the new ‘Mark as Excluded’ button, conveniently located in the right-click menu, saving you time and hassle.

Highlight Row in Enter Results

Easily keep track of where you are entering data in Enter Results with this new feature highlighting the selected row or student, making entering results easy and efficient!

Enter and Edit Results in Launch Reviewer

Need to make some quick changes while proofreading your reports? You can now edit and enter results directly from the “By Staff” and “By Subjects” tabs in Launch Reviewer.

Compass Academy

The first step to setting up your reports in Compass is to complete the Semester Reports Initial Set-Up Compass Academy Course.

This self-paced course is designed to assist you in building the framework of your Semester Reports cycle in an online short course format, accompanied by videos and narration to talk you through the process. Please be advised that completion of this course is a prerequisite for Semester Reports training consultations.


Admin Staff & Reports Coordinators

Teaching Staff

Tips & Tricks

Looking for expert tips on creating outstanding Semester Reports? From formatting to results entry, this guide has all of our top tips on how to create comprehensive and insightful reports in Compass!

Semester Reports: Tips & Tricks


Get answers to all of your Semester Reports questions with our FAQ guide! Carefully put together by our Support Team, whether you’re wondering about formatting, content, or results entry, we’ve got you covered.

Semester Reports: FAQs

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If you need further assistance with setting up your Semester Reports, feel free to contact our Support Team or, submit a Semester Reports training request here.

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