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With over 40+ modules, Compass is the school management system that ticks all of the boxes.

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Student Management

Every child deserves a great education. That’s why we’re invested in maximising every step of a student’s journey. From customisable student reports to comprehensive performance analysis, Compass simplifies your school’s tricky processes creating a fully inclusive management and reporting system.


Enable administrators to assess and optimise educational strategies effectively by generating tailored comprehensive reports on student performance to meet institutional and regulatory requirements.

Seamlessly monitor student progress, attendance and behavioural patterns. Simplify administrative tasks and gain valuable insights to support informed decision-making for each student’s learning journey.

Safeguard sensitive student information with robust data security measures that adhere GDPR regulations and industry best practices, to ensure confidentiality and integrity of student data.

Foster meaningful connections between educators, students, and parents. Facilitate real-time updates, announcements, and feedback to ensure transparent and collaborative student management.

Explore our Student Management Modules


Manage school admissions and transfers


Mark digital registers and manage school attendance


Manage student wellbeing, safeguarding and behaviour

Daily Organisation

Manage staff availability, cover and location changes

Schedule Builder

Manage school admissions and transfers


Create timetables for classes, manage staff and cover


Setup and manage student interventions, including associated costs


Track wellbeing, safeguarding and behaviour with personalised alerts

School Community

Whatever the size of your school community, there are always challenges to address. Ensuring important messages are actioned can be particularly difficult. Not when you’ve partnered with Compass.


Empower parents and guardians to participate in their child’s learning journey through interactive portals with access to grades, attendance records and communication channels. All to enhance parental engagement and support for student success.

Staff members can collaborate easily now with a centralised communication system and resource-sharing tools, driving continuous improvement in the school community.

Promote inclusivity and student wellbeing with tailored support and resources, for every student to feel valued and safe.

Create a vibrant hub for school events, announcements and initiatives to champion belonging among students, parents and staff.

Explore our School Community Modules

People Management

Manage and organise the whole school community

News Feed

Target school news and communications to the right audience


Communicate via SMS, email, portal and push notifications


Manage school activities, trips, payments and consents

Clubs & Wraparound Care

Create and manage school clubs

Parent Portal

Centralise parental engagement and payments

Online Orders (Canteen)

Manage school meals and payments

Parent Conferences

Manage bookings for parent evenings

School Administration

The start of a new school year should be something to get excited about – even if it means an end to the summer break. Fortunately, we make it stress-free, so you can start the year fully prepared for the year ahead.


Simplify administrative tasks and reduce manual workload through seamless customisation and automation.


Make informed decisions and proactive interventions with actionable insights gained from powerful data analytics.

Stay on top of resource management by optimally utilising school resources and scheduling payment plans.

Minimise the burden of admin and risk mitigation, and stay compliant with statutory requirements.

Explore our School Administration Modules

Statutory Returns

Manage and complete census returns, with error and query validation


Schedule and manage key school dates


Report on key school data efficiently and effectively


Track and analyse aggregated data across key KPIs

School Documentation

Centralise school documentation and policies

School Resources

Store and access teaching and learning resources


Automate billing of individualised payment plans

Learning & Resources

We’ve spent years developing our school management ecosystem with one clear goal in mind: to empower school communities to help students grow. Fostering an environment where learning can flourish is central to that.


Support diverse teaching needs and learning styles with insights from assessment data.

Shape individual learning journeys by managing course transitions and work placements.

Craft termly and yearly reports using tracked data.

Enable peer-to-peer learning and engagement beyond the classroom.

Explore our Learning and Resources Modules


Glean insights from assessment data


Track summative assessment data


Manage all examination cycles, with seating plans

Course Manager

Manage all OANs, work placements and student course transitions

School Reports

Write and publish termly and yearly reports


Track formative assessment data

Additional Modules

We go above and beyond to offer additional modules that enhance the value of our MIS even further. These features are designed to elevate the user experience and unlock new possibilities for educators.


Access easy communication tools and hardware to facilitate collaboration and interaction within the school community.

Empower staff with ongoing professional development and training opportunities.

Solve problems in no time by flagging any school issues immediately.

Gather survey information from your entire school community.

Explore our Additional Modules

Resource Bookings

Manage access to equipment and resources (e.g. laptop trolleys)

SMS Pack

Communicate to your school community via SMS


Manage staff meetings, including agendas and action items


Manage staff arrivals and departures via the portal or Kiosk

Insights & Surveys

Gather survey information from your school community

Issue Tracker

Report and track school issues, faults or damage

Professional Development

Facilitate staff development and training

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