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We are thrilled to be collaborating with schools in Wales to help meet the growing challenges in supporting children with additional needs, managing behaviour and wellbeing.
Compass is a learner-centric, modern MIS that allows schools to regain control of their school management – making the school day more productive, more impactful and more enjoyable.
Our commitment to better school management goes beyond technology. We are a true partner in your journey to develop capable, creative, confident learners and citizens.

Discover how powerful your choice of MIS can be.

Disturbing currents: Wellbeing and mental health of children in Wales.

There is no reason to doubt that the mental health landscape in Wales is any different to that in other parts of the UK – but there is limited data.  

To address this information gap we commissioned an independent study with parents in Wales.

Explore the findings of this study in our latest report, Disturbing currents: Wellbeing and mental health of children in Wales, and join us in creating a healthier future.

In partnership, we can improve the wellbeing of children across Wales.

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Are schools unwittingly contributing to their students’ mental health issues? Insights and actions

Webinar Recording

Unlocking potential: the role of mental wellbeing in school success – with Luke Rees

May 21, 2024 | 04:00 PM


Lessons from a sporting life: helping teachers foster resilience and a growth mindset in all of their students – with Rhys Thomas

June 18, 2024 I 04:00 PM


Creating vibrant classrooms: strategies for developing academic and emotional growth – with Hayley Wheeler

July 02, 2024 I 04:00 PM

Making the school day more productive, more impactful and more enjoyable.

Compass is well-versed in adapting its proven technology to meet the varying needs of schools, and collaborates with educators, learners and parents to understand the unique challenges of different regions. 

A learner-centric, modern MIS for your school.

40+ modules

Our ecosystem of over 40+ connected modules ensures everyone in the school community has the right tools and technology for their job.

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Cloud Based

Work together in the cloud on a safe and secure platform. With 99.98% uptime, you can keep your school running and your staff connected, wherever you are.

Dashboards and Alerts

Pulse module allows you to see live data in easy-to-read visualisations as well as receive personalised alerts to track learner progress, attendance and more.


Monitor and reward positive behaviour, while managing wellbeing and safeguarding, for all learners.

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Be part of a connected community

Join a connected group of educators, specialists, and professionals who learn from one another, exchange great ideas, and celebrate accomplishments.


Championing Choice, Collaboration and Community

As a business, and as individuals, we have a passion for technology and the impact this can have within the education community, especially in Wales where we believe choice and flexibility is something all schools deserve.

This passion shines through in our recent blog from Claire, whose home and heart belong to Wales. And also in our Compass Choice Commitment which allows schools to switch their MIS completely free until the end of their current contract. 

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