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Comprehensive MIS to fit all needs

When we say we’re an all-in-one solution for schools, we mean it. We become your strategic partner to improve school administration, drive parental engagement and foster school wellbeing. The best part is that we facilitate MIS customisation, provide flexibility to fit your needs and offer unmatched support.

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Integrate and Scale Effortlessly with Compass MIS

Timetabling & Daily Organisation with Griddle

Effortlessly manage school schedules and daily operations with our own intuitive timetabling solution – Griddle, built for efficient daily routines.

Flexible Assessment Tracking & Reporting

Track student progress and performance with precision using our dynamic data module – Pulse. It easily generates insightful reports to inform teaching strategies and support student achievement.

Holistic Wellbeing Management

From mental health check-ins to personalised support plans, our comprehensive behaviour management module – Chronicle, helps creating a nurturing environment that fosters positive mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Parental Engagement with Parent App

Facilitate seamless communication between parents/guardians and educators to foster a collaborative learning environment, and keep them informed about student progress, upcoming events and school announcements in real-time.

Centralised Teacher Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of daily events, tasks and reminders to keep up with student progress, monitor attendance and support learning.

End-to-End Exams Management

Simplify the exam process from scheduling and registration to grading and reporting, that provide students with a smooth testing experience.

Payments for Meals, Clubs & Trips

Online payments for school meals, extracurricular clubs and educational trips are convenient and secure, and improve transparency for parents and guardians.

MAT Automation, Aggregation & Benchmarking

Centralise data management, streamline communication and standardise processes to optimise MAT governance and performance.

Our commitment to choice

At Compass, we believe that choice is powerful. The education of young people is too important for schools not to have a choice when it comes to selecting the best technology for their school community. And we believe that a school’s Management Information System (MIS) is the critical technology at the heart of a school’s community.

If you’re tied into a long-term contract with an MIS provider, and you wish to explore alternative solutions to meet your school’s evolving needs, then our Compass Choice Commitment could help.

We promise that, for as long as you’re paying for your current MIS, you can switch to us and Compass MIS will be completely free until your current contract ends.

No eligibility criteria, no application forms, no deadlines.



Discover Compass MIS in a short product overview.

Hear our story straight from Compass Co-Founder & CEO, John de la Motte

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There has to be a better way”

Compass co-founder and CEO, John de la Motte, explains the story of Compass.

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Schools love Compass

“The transition to Compass, from our previous MIS, has been seamless thanks to the amazing support from the onboarding team. Their dedication and enthusiasm to making sure everything went smoothly was very reassuring and filled not only myself but our whole team with confidence. Their dedicated support and service has enabled our school to create new working systems to reduce workload and improve many areas of our business.”

Matthew Parslow-Williams
Hethersett Primary School

“Compass is a child-centred system that contextualises data to give us a complete picture of each student’s journey, but also provides exceptional, personalised support and this is unique in the realm of educational management systems. Implementing a new management system can be complex, however the Compass team have built connections with our staff and have ensured that the system aligns with our needs as a school.”

Lisa Peirce
Assistant Headteacher & Director of Digital Strategy
The Holy Cross School

“We looked at a number of providers before we decided to ‘put our faith’ into Compass, but for us the decision was quite easy. We felt that Compass was offering the best option for our MIS, in terms of its functionality, but also, and perhaps mainly, because of its flexibility and Compass’ approach and focus on customer service. It was important to us that we are not just ‘a small fish in a big pond’ for our MIS provider and to have a close working relationship where we are able to discuss our needs and get an MIS that is fit for purpose and able to respond to our needs and change in requirements, and we felt that Compass were offering exactly that.”

Kathrin Williams
School Business Manager
Christ the King College

“We chose Compass because of its product flexibility and the support it offers my team. But more than the product, it was the people – the Compass team. There’s a stage in life where you become more about the people you know rather than the things they can give you and we felt a strong sense of reassurance and partnership with the Compass team.

We feel honoured to be one of the first independent schools to be working in partnership with Compass UK. We feel valued and are able to share our suggestions with Compass; our views are heard and future solutions developed to support them.”

Abdullah Patel
Deputy Headteacher
Al-Ashraf Primary School & Nursery

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