Compass Choice Commitment

Giving schools the power of choice through Compass Choice Commitment

“Just over a year ago, I posted a video about Choice being powerful. I talked about how Compass was bringing more choice to UK schools that are looking for a better, more modern Management Information System to support the ever-evolving needs of school life.”

One year on… choice is STILL powerful

Here we are one year later with a refreshed video, where the importance of choice is bigger than ever.

“We have been both humbled and blown away by the number of schools that have chosen to adopt Compass as their MIS. These are all schools that have chosen to embark on something new, chosen to break away from systems that may have felt more like a burden than a benefit, and chosen to think differently about how they want their school community to thrive, both now and in the future.”

One of those customers is Matthew Parslow-Williams, Headteacher at Hethersett Primary School.

“The transition to Compass, from our previous MIS, has been seamless thanks to the amazing support from the onboarding team. Their dedication and enthusiasm to making sure everything went smoothly was very reassuring and filled not only myself but our whole team with confidence. Their dedicated support and service has enabled our school to create new working systems to reduce workload and improve many areas of our business.”

Matthew Parslow-Williams
Headteacher – Hethersett Primary School

“At Compass, our mission has always been to make the school day more productive, more impactful and more enjoyable and we are really excited to see this mission come to life in our schools, their teachers and, most importantly, their students.”

Supporting schools at every step

“The most powerful things schools value are partnership, a shared commitment to make things better and a high level of support and flexibility so that making the change to a new MIS is an empowering process.”

Our commitment to choice

“If you’re tied into a long-term contract with an MIS provider, and you wish to explore alternative solutions then we promise that, for as long as you’re paying for your current MIS, you can switch to us and Compass will be completely free until your current contract ends.”

A pace that suits you

“We also promise that your migration will be done at a pace which suits you. We don’t want you to be rushed or have to compromise your school’s rhythm and priorities just because you’ve chosen to embrace something new – we will even allow time for a trial phase for you to get hands on with your real data in Compass before you go live.”

If you agree that choice is powerful and if this feels like a better way to switch our MIS, then we’d love to talk to you.

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