Timetable Community Forum

Ready to share your expertise in timetabling? Imagine joining a global community where timetablers share their insights and passion for timetabling. Well, this isn’t just a dream – it’s a reality happening right now! Introducing the Timetable Community Forum, hosted by Griddle, (our timetabling solution here at Compass). This is your exclusive invitation to join […]

Week 4: Communication Log & Enhanced Phone Directory

Welcome to week 4 of the Compass Countdown! We hope you’ve been enjoying the recent product launches. This week, our focus is on communication with two new product updates. Get ready to see an enhanced Communication Log on parent and student profiles as well as the addition of photos to the Phone Directory. Communication Log […]

Week 3: Calendar Term View

Welcome to Week 3 of the Compass Countdown! This week, get ready to make calendar-chaos a thing of the past with the new Calendar Term View.  Calendar Term View Stay on top of school events and activities with Calendar Term View! Conveniently view and print a term’s worth of events, with week numbers for quick […]

Week 2: Parent/Student One-Time Code & One-Stop Parent Homepage in App

We hope you enjoyed the product launches in Week 1! This week, we’re lifting off and introducing the Parent/Student Sign-in with One-Time Code and One-Stop Parent Homepage in the Compass App to your portals. Parent/Student Sign-in with One-Time Code We understand the importance of an easy sign-in process, especially for parents and students. To simplify […]

Week 1: Half-Day Attendance Grid & Chronicle Roll Tags

Launching our first week of Compass Countdown, we are excited to introduce the Half-Day Attendance Grid and Chronicle Roll Tags to your Compass portals! Half-Day Attendance Grid Introducing a new tool for effortless attendance management at your school! The Half-Day Attendance Grid is a visual and functional tool designed to simplify day-to-day interactions with attendance […]

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