Improving Student Wellbeing with Termly Mental Health Report Cards

Schools are acutely aware of the crucial role that good mental health plays in educational outcomes. With mental health issues among children and adolescents on the rise, there is an urgent need to provide reliable support mechanisms. But could termly mental health report cards be the next essential tool in this endeavour? Rising Parental Concerns […]

Beyond the Numbers: Exploring the Emotional Landscape of Parents with Struggling Children

Trigger Warning: references to depression, self-harm, anxiety. When we discuss children’s mental health, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers. Statistics from our recent report “Disturbing currents: Wellbeing and mental health of children in Wales”, reveal a daunting reality. But beyond the figures lies a deeper, more personal story – one filled with the […]

Peer pressure, social media, and puberty in the spotlight among children in Wales

In this series of blogs we’ve been looking at the issue of wellbeing across Wales. To better understand the rise of mental health concerns among school-age children in Wales, we wanted to explore what parents think may be contributing to the increased levels of anxiety.  Last month we published our report, ‘Disturbing currents: wellbeing and […]

Compass Choice Commitment

Giving schools the power of choice through Compass Choice Commitment

“Just over a year ago, I posted a video about Choice being powerful. I talked about how Compass was bringing more choice to UK schools that are looking for a better, more modern Management Information System to support the ever-evolving needs of school life.” One year on… choice is STILL powerful Here we are one […]

Championing choice for schools in Wales

At Compass, we know how important it is for schools to find the right partners to work with, especially when it comes to assessing and implementing technology solutions at the heart of a school’s community. A true partnership is about the people as much as the technology solution. We might be biassed but we think […]

Maintaining Attendance Throughout the Festivities – A Former Teacher’s Top Tips

maintain attendance throughout the festivities

As a former teacher, I understand the difficulties schools face during the festivities. The holiday season approaches, and schools often face the challenge of keeping pupils engaged and motivated to attend classes.  With the allure of festive celebrations and winter break just around the corner, maintaining attendance can be a tricky task. However, there are […]

Exam Season: Conquer the Chaos with Compass!

exam season with compass mis

At Compass, we understand how stressful examination periods can be, not only for the candidates sitting exams, but also for the Exams officers and senior leadership staff who organise and supervise them. The impact of exam stress is not limited to students alone; it affects the well-being of teachers as well. In fact, studies conducted […]

Making Data-Driven Decisions with Compass MIS

making data driven decisions with compass mis

The Power of Data in Education Today’s largest and most successful organisations use data to their advantage when making high-impact decisions. This can be even incredibly powerful in education, as we can incorporate data analytics into the decision-making process to promote and track student growth. However, so much crucial data within a school is untapped […]

Compass Education: A New Direction for UK MIS?

compass education - a new direction for UK MIS

This blog has been written by Josh Perry, advisor and friend of Compass. Josh is the Director at Edtech experts and co-founder at SmartGrade, Carousel and a reliable informant on the MIS market through his popular blog Bring more data. I’ve been involved in MIS in one way or another since 2012. Candidly, I’ve spent quite […]

Launching Pulse: School Data & Analytics Platform

launching pulse student data analytics platforms

Here at Compass, we are delighted to launch our brand new, integrated data visualisation tool for schools: Pulse.  What is Pulse? Pulse is an analytics platform that centralises all of your data so that you can manage it in a more efficient and intuitive way, informing insight-driven decisions to improve student outcomes, as well as […]

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